Cameron Glover
November 21, 2016 4:59 pm

There are few childhood toys as iconic as the Lego. Whether you have vivid memories of how painful it is to step on one of those things barefoot (who can forget that?) or how fun it is to build multicolored castles in your living room, Legos have a strong place in many of our childhoods. That’s why the world’s largest Lego store — featuring a recreation of a London train car — is bringing all of our childhood fantasies to life!

The recreation was built at the Lego flagship store in London’s Leicester Square. Recreations aren’t a rare occurrence in Lego stores, where imagination often runs wild. But this one, in particular, strikes a special chord in our hearts.

Even though this location is the 131st Lego store to be built, the various Lego creations inside make it truly unique.