Lilian Min
May 13, 2015 5:24 pm

Fans of AMC’s Mad Men tend to come in only one setting: Obsessed. Though the show started out as a cult favorite, it’s since become a bona fide cultural phenomenon. This Sunday marks its series finale, and though AMC’s already whipping out the stops to make sure nothing else takes away from the event, they’re also treating super fans with a non-stop Mad Men marathon, starting tonight at 6pm.

That’s right: Much like how FXX played through every episode of The Simpsons in order to galvanize the show’s biggest fans, AMC is marathoning all seven seasons of Mad Men before the show takes its final bow this Sunday at 10pm. While most of the series is already on Netflix, the newest episodes have yet to be available for streaming, making this the most (legal) complete way to watch everything in one go.

The “let’s marathon everything” move is one that’s still a relatively recent phenomenon, and of course isn’t recommended for anybody who has day-to-day responsibilities. (The Portlandia sketch about Battlestar Galactica comes to mind.) But for those of you who have some time to kill, those of you who are already deeply invested in the show, and those of you who are thinking “Why not?”, now’s your chance to take in one of TV’s crown jewels before its original run ends.

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