Credit: HelloGiggles/Scarlet Meyer

There were a ton of benefits to the Women’s March in January, including love, solidarity, and fighting for each other’s rights. The march was also the largest protest in U.S. history, and helped bring together many amazing people from different movements. However, there was one totally unforeseen benefit to the march that is also pretty amazing: The Women’s March created a huge spike in office supply sales.

It might sound strange, but according to Fortune, in the week before the Women’s March there was a 33% increase in poster-board sales, and a 42% increase in foam board sales. There were also notable spikes in the sales of easel pads and flip charts (28%), paint markers (35%), specialty markers (24%), permanent markers (12%), glue (27%), adhesives (12%), scissors (6%), and paper punches (4%).

That’s a whole lot of office supplies!

On top of that, of the 6.5 million poster boards sold in January, 1/3 of them were sold during the week of Women’s March — all to make those incredible signs, of course.

This study is yet another example of women’s purchasing power. Previous research has shown that women control about 73% of household spending, meaning we have some serious power to change economic tides. That’s why campaigns like #grabyourwallet, which helps activists keep track of companies that support Donald Trump and his xenophobic agenda, are so important.

Imagine what women could do if we spent our money only with companies that support progressive values.

It’s like what feminist activists have been saying all along. Women make up 50% of the world’s population, and we have wallets. Our opinions and our economic choices matter. So wise up, corporate America.