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A woman in London took to Reddit to call out a man who wouldn’t leave her alone for the sake of a “social experiment.”

A woman with the username qiba posted an angry open letter to Reddit’s r/London thread, explaining that a man approached her at an Islington park to do a “social experiment.”

We’ve seen these kinda things on YouTube before: Videos of people surprising strangers or asking them questions with the hopes of going viral.

Qiba said the man insulted her when she told him she wanted to be left alone, and reportedly refused to take a hint that she didn’t want to talk to him.

She made it clear that it’s fine if you want to do a social experiment, but you still need to respect the space and wishes of the people you’re involving.

This is a necessary lesson in respecting our fellow human beings –– and never exploiting or insulting them for the sake of video clicks.