Gina Florio
April 15, 2016 4:49 pm

In the lingerie section of a Kmart in New Zealand, a rad woman by the name of Charde Heremaia made a video that has now gone viral. The shopper filmed a video of herself trying to purchase a bra that fits. She’s hilarious and honest, but she’s completely fed up — and we don’t blame her.

She tells us that she’s a size FF and jokes that she’s been “plagued with big boobs.” As she’s looking around, Heremaia aptly points out that there are no pretty bras for women who have big breasts. She holds up the only option that even comes close to her size, and it’s hideous.

She goes on to say, “Kmart and other places feel like they have to give big titty girls granny bras. Not all grannies have saggy big boobs. Some of us young ones would like to be a little bit of a saucy minx every now and again.” #Truth.

To solidify her point even further, she goes for a bra that she finds to be quite cute. It’s a lovely turquoise color, with a few adorable bows and some lace detail. But it’s only a B cup, which is far from the size that she and many other women need.

“I’ve had it up to fucking here,” she says. “I’m really done with the black, cream, and white bras. Okay? I want some pretty ones that don’t cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.”

We laugh along with her, only because it’s true. Look online at JcPenney, for example. If you search for a bra that’s an F cup, this is literally the only option you’ve got:


Heremaia is right. Like every other bra she found in Kmart that could potentially fit her boobs, this is “fucking ugly.” Let’s see a wider bra selection, people.

She wraps up her monologue with a piece of advice. “Sort your shit out, bra companies,” she says. We hope they listen.