Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Aug 11, 2015 @ 12:26 pm

The headline “Bra Saves German Cyclist Shot In Boar Hunting Accident” is a rollercoaster from start to finish, but that’s really what happened to a 41-year-old cyclist in the German town of Gadebusch last week.

The woman was on a bike ride with her husband when they happened to cycle through a boar hunt. There was a shot, and a sharp pain in the woman’s chest, but otherwise, everything was fine. Experts took a look at the scene, and found that the woman was directly in the line of fire for a boar. And the bullet? Well, it bounced off the underwire in her bra, leaving her with nothing but an icky bruise. Go bras! I knew there had to be a reason those uncomfortable wires were worth it!

Now, the police don’t think the woman was actually shot at. It’s more likely that the bullet hit the boar, which was later found dead, and ricocheted towards the cyclist. She was immediately taken to the hospital, after her husband approached the hunters to let them know what happened. The hunt was called off after the incident, but authorities are still looking into it for possible negligent injury. Dogs were taken to the scene to hunt for debris, and the police are also investigating whether or not there was adequate signage to warn the cyclists about the hunt.

No matter what, we’re just relieved that everyone’s okay, and pretty happy that bras could have this #girlpower moment. Although it’s always important to be aware and careful when you’re out in nature, whether you’re the cyclists or the hunters, I am working on passing a law that requires everyone to wear bras — even the boars. It’s the only safe option!

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