Maureen Hoff
November 26, 2015 3:35 pm

It’s Thanksgiving, which is supposed to be a time to be mindful of and thankful for the people around us, but often ends up being a day of lots of stress. The holidays are stressful, and it’s easy to get into the mindset that people just suck sometimes. But recently a woman going through a hard time wrote a note to a cafe owner to let her know how she had made her day better.

The anonymous woman sent the note to PANDA, which stands for “Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia,” so that the shop owner could see it, but that woman could remain anonymous. The mother was staying in a mother-baby residential unit after having been diagnosed with postnatal depression.

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The group posted a photo of the letter to Facebook and captioned it with a message the mother sent along with it. “On one of my days there I took a walk to a nearby cafe and had an encounter that made me see a bit of blue sky through all the clouds. It reminded me that sometimes the smallest kindness can make a difference.”

The mother had been attempting to get into the cafe unaware that it was closed. The shopkeeper let her in and gave her a cup of coffee and let her heat up. The woman was so touched by the experience that it turned her whole day around.

She ended the note with a simple reminder. “Be kind to everyone you meet because you don’t know what battles they are fighting.” Such an important message during the busy holidays! Thanks for being brave and sharing!