Turning your home into a personal oasis is necessary when it comes to living your best life. You want your surroundings to make you comfortable and smile every time you walk in the door. Every one has their own personal style, but we sort of want to steal this woman’s spectacularly colorful apartment. It is out of control wonderful — and there are tons of ways to DIY your own kitchen the very same way.

Amina Mucciolo has gone viral after showing off her “rainbow unicorn house,” and seriously, we want to visit. It’s colorful and cheerful, but not cheesy at all. That’s not an easy look to pull off. There’s a Hello Kitty microwave and rainbow-colored cabinets in her kitchen. She used mismatched chairs in bright pastels to turn up her kitchen and living room and used colorful Care Bear figurines to line the shelves.

The apartment is such a sight to behold, it’s hard to know where to look.

Mucciolo just likes color. On Instagram, she jokes that she has one black shirt and rocks unicorn colored braids. She told The Daily Mail, “It’s really important to me that where I live is a reflection of me and my personality, and also of my husband. We like for our space to be fun and happy and inspiring.”

Mucciolo is also an Instagram star, but things haven’t always been rainbows and unicorns for her. The 32-year-old shares about her struggles with bulimia and a suicide attempt, which led to her spending some time in a mental health facility. It was there that she started crafting. Her Instagram account is all about self-love and care, but her day job is running Studio Mucciolo in Los Angeles, where you can go grab a custom made piñata or rainbow garland for your own wall. She’s also been featured on Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls.”

Here’s how she made her rainbow house — with DIY tips!

Her home is the definition of happy place and we’re so glad she’s gracing our Instagram feeds. Thanks for the design inspo, Amina!