Caitlin Gallagher
April 03, 2017 5:04 pm
Adam Hester via Getty Images

If you’re a woman looking to relocate to a new state, you may want to take into consideration the best state to live in as a woman in 2017. Inspired by the Women’s March after Donald Trump’s inauguration, the website MoveHub decided to look into which U.S. states are the best — and worst — to live in for women during Trump’s first year as president. Are things as bad for gender equality as we think? This list shows it may depend on which state you live in.

While we perhaps shouldn’t be too surprised, the best state for women to live in — according to MoveHub’s study — is none other than:


MoveHub, which typically focuses on giving advice for people who want to move internationally — not domestically — conducted a study that cross-referenced the following data in all 50 states:

Gender pay gap

Political representation in the state legislature

Equality in education

Accessibility to health insurance

Reproductive rights

Number of incidents of violence against women at the hands of men

And Hawaii had the overall best score when it came to “protecting and promoting the welfare of their female citizens.”

While we’ve always wanted to move to Hawaii, this list from MoveHub is definitely giving us another reason. Not only was Hawaii deemed the healthiest state to live in by another study, it earned the number one spot on MoveHub’s list since only six percent of women don’t have health insurance in the state (which is one of the lowest numbers within all of the U.S.) and Hawaii had the lowest number of women being murdered by men of all the states.

Although these statistics are still slightly depressing, we are glad to hear that Hawaii is treating its women right. Along with Hawaii, the other best states to live in for women are:





Looks like Maryland does more than just crab cakes and football.

The worst state to live in for women in 2017 is Oklahoma. The low score was mostly due to its conservative stance on women’s reproductive rights.

But let’s focus on the good right now as we invite you to imagine living in Hawaii. Because not only would you have gorgeous scenery every day, you’d also have a state that treats you with the respect you so deserve.