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If you’re a proud doggie owner who’s currently stressed TF out over how to dress your dog for Halloween, Bored Panda has given us a bit of inspiration by highlighting a woman who makes adorable cardboard cutouts for her dog. While it doesn’t appear that Semba and her four-legged pal Chihuahua-mametaro are vying for cutest dog Halloween costume ever, they’ve already won our hearts with these simple, yet charming cutouts that are cute enough for any pooch to sport year round.

Semba explains that the custom cutouts are mostly inspired by film, manga and anime characters and that Chihuahua-mametaro is pretty cooperative when it comes to wearing her designs.

OK, so we’re officially crowning Semba as the DIY master and Chihuahua-mametaro as the cutest model doggie ever. Check out more of Semba’s cutout designs on Twitter.