bookcase stairs top
Credit: Ladybird_Slayer

Books are the gateway to knowledge, of if you’re reddit user Ladybird_Slayer, then they’re literally a pathway in your home.

Ladybird_Slayer’s husband, reddit user Valhalla-Vanguard, originally posted these amazing photos of his wife’s process in re-creating a tutorial she had seen on Pinterest. He wrote, “My wife decided to decorate our stairs with all our favourite books, inspired by a post she saw on Pinterest (personally I think my wife’s are way better than the inspiration).”

The project, as it turns out, was actually started as a way to save money. Rather than having to spend money on carpeting their stairs, they opted for this VERY COOL option instead. And as Valhalla-Vanguard says, “I hope you guys agree on the talent required to pull off this feat :)” And, well, it’s a hard YES from us! Just check out this magic.

First, she laid out her tools, and they noted that “budget paint” was used to keep costs down.

Then they gave us a look at the “stages” of the painting process.

Then finally the top…

…the middle…

…and the bottom.

And here’s what the entire book “stack” looks like altogether (with their daughter on top!)

Credit: Ladybird_Slayer

“Our daughter found them amazing and spent a good while pretending she was sitting on a mountain of books.”

Guess it’s time to dust off our paintbrushes too (and hope to do half as good a job) so we can have a mountain of books to sit on, too!