Jen Juneau
Updated Mar 30, 2016 @ 4:55 pm
Credit: CBS Los Angeles

Today in horror stories, imagine going to a nail salon for a nice, relaxing pedi session only to come out with the beginnings of an infection that causes you to lose your toe a week later.

That’s exactly what happened to Sonia Algara, a woman who visited Dynasty Nails in Santa Clarita, Calif. earlier this month. Algara, who is suing the salon, said she went in for a pedicure only to develop an infection that eventually led to her having to get her pinky toe amputated.

Algara, who let the salon know in advance that she has diabetes and is more prone to infection as a result, said the employee who performed the service used scissors (errr) to cut between her fourth and pinky toes.

The lawsuit states, “The incision caused severe pain and infection and eventually led to the pinky toe needing to be amputated [within a week].”

According to CBS Los Angeles, Algara informed the employee she felt pain and went to the hospital right away, where doctors diagnosed her with an infection.

A week later, Algara had to have her pinky toe removed completely. Algara, who now can no longer walk up stairs or wear certain shoes and has problems with her balance due to the loss of her toe, is suing Dynasty Nails for unspecified damages due to “medical expenses, mental anguish and emotional distress” from the resulting infection and surgery.

“I think there’s a sense of independence that she’s lost, a sense of strength,” Algara’s attorney Daniel Rafii told CBS Los Angeles.

Rafii adds that “he wants the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to set new health standards for nail salons.”

“There should be a grading system. We have social media reviews of places that can help, but personally, I don’t believe that is sufficient, or a reliable source for the public at large to know if the place is safe,” Rafii says.

Is Dynasty Salon safe? Their Yelp page seems to think so —the salon has 3 1/2 stars on Yelp and a mix of excellent and poor reviews (pretty normal for most companies).

Credit: Yelp

On Dynasty Nails’ website, they state, “Besides, understanding that customers always appreciate the cleanliness and safety when coming a nail salon, we ensure beautiful and healthy nails for each client. The instrument after using is sanitized carefully and wrapped tightly to protect it from infection.”

Did Algara’s amputation have more to do with her pre-existing condition than the salon practices? We’ll have to stay tuned.