Karen Belz
March 24, 2016 5:09 pm

Ladies, if you fear the pain of a too-tight hair elastic, you might want to move on from what you’re about to see here. Asha “The Iron Queen” Rani is definitely familiar with setting records — after all, she has seven of them from the Guinness Book of World Records. But this time, she broke her own record with a fabulous stunt that you just have to see to believe. What’d she do, exactly? Well, she pulling a 26,981 pound bus with the strength of her own hair. (We’d mention that it was a double decker bus, but surely you’d be impressed even if it wasn’t.) Oh, also, 32 people were on board.

Take a look and see for yourself:

This strength exercise was performed on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Milan, Italy for the Guinness World Records Italian Show, which airs every week. And let me tell you, we have so many questions for this woman. For example, how did she practice? Also, how did she even think to pull such an incredible feat? How are her glorious, strong braids still intact?

During her last bus-pulling challenge back in 2012, The Iron Queen lifted a 26,678 bus, so she’s definitely getting stronger. Her other records are similarly amazing. She has the title for the “fastest 25 m road pull with teeth,” which she achieved in India, and in 2014, she got the award for “Heaviest weight lifted with both eye sockets.” Yeah, we won’t lie — that last one caused us to shudder a bit.

Crazy talent aside, Asha is also quite the humanitarian as well. Last year she started working on developing a charity called  “SAVE THE GIRLS,” which will focus on supporting women in South Africa and the United Kingdom, and noted in an interview that fun and entertainment aside, she wants to prove to women that they can also be strong. It’s possible that we don’t even know our own strengths.

Regardless of your dreams, always remember one thing: Asha Rani pulls cars with her hair, and once lifted a judge on Britain’s Got Talent up with her ears, which is proof that absolutely anything you want to achieve is possible. We support you, our Iron Queen!