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Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do, even if there’s a slight possibility that it will cause you major embarrassment. Honestly, we don’t know if that even applies to this woman who got her hand stuck in a toilet, but what else would compel someone to use their fingers as a substitute for a plunger? Yikes!

According to KHOU, Gracie Henderson of New Caney, Texas shirked the most hygienic way to use the toilet by fixing a clog with her hand, aka, one of the hugest mistakes one can make in the bathroom.

Apparently, Henderson had only recently moved into her home and didn’t have a plunger around, so she thought using her hand would be a totally okay thing to do. But her not-so-handy de-clogging method hit a major snag when the wrist watch she was wearing prevented her from pulling her hand out of the toilet. Ooops.

That’s when the situation went from bad to worse. As KHOU reports:

Oh no! We are totally feeling for this woman right now.

Seriously, we feel so bad for her, especially because this is probably the last way anyone wants to be introduced to their new neighbors.

ZOMG. Moral of the story is if you gotta unclog a toilet and you don’t have a plunger — ask a neighbor!