kitten photoshoot
Credit: Kitty Lee Photography /

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a newborn photoshoot. Those little swaddled babies with their teeny-tiny toes and flower headbands — it’s almost too cute to handle. One woman staged the best newborn photoshoot ever, except she didn’t photograph a newborn baby — she curated a photoshoot with a newborn kitten.

Photographer Kitty Schaub out of Benton Harbor, Michigan makes her living by photographing families, children, and newborn babies. But Schaub’s latest model — her daughter’s 9-week-old kitten, Luna — is really making business boom. Schaub told Mashable,

Like, is this real?

And just like the pictures show, Luna was a perfect model. Schaub said,

Okay, that’s enough. We can’t handle much more —

Then Schaub’s daughter Amelie, dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, hopped into frame and nothing was the same.

Schaub said that after posting her Luna photos, people from all over the world contacted her and told her how in love they were with her photoshoot. She decided that she would make a calendar to share the love and raise money for Save-a-Stray, a St. Joseph, Michigan-based animal rescue organization.

According to Mashable, as of this morning, Schaub’s calendars have raised over $2,000.

Perhaps Kitty Schaub has struck gold on a new way for pet parents to show their undying love for their fur babies. Although, if we tried to swaddle our cats, we have a feeling things wouldn’t go so smoothly!