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Unfortunately, we’re still in a world where so many men assume that breasts exist only for their enjoyment, and are therefore sexual body parts. In reality, obv, boobs are for babies at least some of the time. As a result, though, we end up in this weird space where women can’t breastfeed without gross dudes (and women who’ve internalized the Male Gaze-driven idea that breasts are inherently sexual) telling them when and where they can feet their children. One mom called out her son for this annoying habit, and it’s literally the best thing we’ve read all day.

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It all went down on Facebook when Tanja Krstic Radusinovic’s breastfeeding story went viral.

Radusinovic wrote about how she was breastfeeding at the pool when a man approached. “This guy, maybe in his 40s comes to me and says, ‘Excuse me, are you breastfeeding your baby?'”

This isn’t going to be good.

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“I say, ‘Yes?’ And he looks at me all serious and mumbles ‘I don’t think you should be doing THAT here!'” she wrote.

Oh hi, instant rage.

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“I was about to stand up and punch him,” she wrote, “but his mother stands up right behind him… and she was furious. She was like, ‘WHAT DID YOU TELL TO THAT MOTHER, KEVIN?!”

BRB, dying laughing.

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Radusinovic wrote that the mother continued, saying, “What the f***, Kevin?! I had no idea I raised you like that, Kevin!” Kevin tried to defend himself, but she kept going, ending the argument by saying, “It is f***ing normal, Kevin!”

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Read the entire story below and have yourself a good, feminist laugh. Sorry, Kevin. But you lost this time. Hopefully this teaches people that breastfeeding is normal, just like that mom said, and to maybe keep their mouths shut the next time they try to shame a breastfeeding parent.