Jill Layton
May 21, 2015 11:29 am

If you’re in need of a good Thursday cry, we’ve got you covered.

Four years ago, Crystal Sullenger’s dog Star was stolen from her front yard in her North Portland, Oregon neighborhood. As any loving dog owner would do, Sullenger tirelessly searched all over town for her pit bull pup. She told Washington’s NBC Right Now that she did everything she could to find her sweet Star. “Probably a little bit overboard but I took officers straight up to people’s doors knocking on doors and stuff,” Sullenger said. “I put up posters, drove all over looking for her.” Definitely not overboard. We would do the exact same thing.

Sullenger works at a local animal shelter, and she witnesses dogs being reunited with their owners every day. She just never thought she’d be one of them — but she was.

After four years without Star, Sullenger received an email from Multnomah County Animal Services saying they had her pup. According to NBC Right Now, Portland Police rescued Star from a puppy mill during a drug raid on a home. So incredibly awful. Thankfully, they were able to reunite Star with her mom because of the licensing collar she was still wearing from the day she was taken.

“I actually spent the whole day in the office crying, and I was actually very nervous that she wouldn’t remember me,” Sullenger said. But she did remember her, and hasn’t left her side since — she even goes to work with her at the animal shelter! Despite the unimaginable trauma that Star went through at the puppy mill, she’s doing very well and is thrilled to be home with her mom. We’re thrilled too.

Check out this video of the reunited (“and it feels so good”) family.

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