Making the bed is seriously one of the most obnoxious chores, IMHO. It seems so simple, yet ultimately takes way longer than you’d think, especially when you’re putting on fresh sheets and somehow have to stuff your overly large pillow into the pillowcase. And don’t even get me STARTED on fitted sheets.

That’s exactly why we’re totally giggling over a gif posted by Imgurian Aceman23 that’s totally going viral. Not only is it super well-done — clever camera-work makes it look like this sassy guy used magic to make his bed! — but it’s hilarious.

“How I wish I could make my bed,” reads the caption:

Us too. . . us too. If we were characters in Harry Potter, this would probably be the most functional use of magic, let’s be real. Making the bed with style and attitude.

(Image via Imgur.)