Bridey Heing
January 25, 2016 4:06 pm

Whether you called it Winter Storm Jonas, #blizzard2016, or Snowzilla, this weekend’s snow storm was one of the most intense in recent memory. The storm edged its way into the top 5 snow storms ever for Washington, DC and dropping over 30 inches of snow on other locations throughout the East Coast and mid-Atlantic regions. The images, both of the snow and of the storm on radar, are just as mind-boggling as the storm itself, although it’s still hard to do justice to a storm of this size without living through it. Unless, of course, you take a picture from outer space.

The International Space Station just shared some pictures of the monumental storm moving across the region, and it’s just as incredible as you might imagine. In fact, it’s hard to actually see land through the clouds, which catch light in the most incredible way.

This upside-down shot even shows thunder snow! Check out the bright blue dot in the middle of the storm — people down below were getting a full on thunder snow storm!

And even when there is light, the storm stretched so far that much of the Earth below was obscured. Take a look at this shot, showing just how much of the view of covered up by the massive snowstorm.

(Images via Facebook/NASA)