Imagine your daily life: You drive to work, run errands, maybe swing by a restaurant for a quick lunch. Now imagine your daily life, with the exact same events, but add a flying carpet to the equation. It would be, well, a whole new world, now wouldn’t it?

Viner Mo Kahn certainly thought so when he fashioned himself a magic carpet out of a hoverboard and small red rug. Knowing a flying carpet is nothing without its loveable street rat counterpart, Mo dressed head to toe as Aladdin and went about his normal activities.

In a Vine uploaded on Tuesday, Mo shows what modern life would be like for “Prince Ali” if he were carpet cruising in 2015 Chicago instead of ancient Agrabah. He casually makes his morning commute along a busy Smolley Road, stops by Walmart to pick up a few essentials, and then – oh wow – “flies” through a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Mo has obviously won Halloween. The only (and I mean only) thing that could make this get-up better was if Abu came along for the carpet ride. I’m sure he would have appreciated a Happy Meal.

Check out the viral Vine and prepare to be filled with regret – I hate to break it to you, but whatever Halloween costume you picked will never top this:

Mo spoke to ABC7 Chicago about his day as a beloved Disney character. He was surprised by the support he was getting from complete strangers. “I really thought I was going to get kicked out of the store, but everyone there was showing me love,” Mo said. “I went to McDonald’s, everyone seemed really confused. It was something so random, and I was just being straight-faced with everything I was doing.”

Maybe modern Aladdin will become a regular character on Mo’s Vine channel. Then in the future he can answer this burning question: Where is Jasmine?

(Images via here and here.)