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What do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do for date night? It seems when Kate Middleton isn’t running around with a glittering tiara perched in her totally amazing hair, she’s joining her princely husband for a rock climbing adventure.

Will and Kate visited North Wales yesterday, and while they were there, they strapped on some climbing gear at the Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre in Capel Curig and scaled some rocky cliffs. And this was no tame little hike, guys. Kate rappelled backwards down a 40-foot cliff. (Is there anything she can’t do? We’re guessing no, there isn’t.) Tiara or not, Kate still managed to look completely adorable in her black legging and helmet (because of course she did). Best of all, she and Will appeared to be having a blast.

Could Kate be more adorable? Seriously these two royals are giving us some major #relationshipgoals.

According to the Daily Mail, Will was the first to give things a go. He yelled up at Kate, “Are you holding me?” In reply, she laughed and said, “I’ve got you.” Awwwww!

When it was Kate’s turn, she shouted down, “William – how much do you love me?” Um, from the looks of things, we’re guessing a lot. Not that we blame him. Kate is a pretty badass duchess. Just saying.

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