If you haven’t been watching it, Billy on the Street (with Billy Eichner) is one of the greatest comedy shows on cable. Much running! So silly!

And this week, Eichner teamed up with Will Ferrell, a comedy genius in his own right, to seriously Elf some people on the streets of New York City.

As per the usual, Eichner runs up to various people and yells trivia questions at them, but what makes this a very special Christmas episode is that he and Ferrell are both wearing adorable matching red and green Christmas footie PJs. Truly, this is the definition of the Christmas spirit!

Things really get silly when Eichner asks a guy to tell him, for a dollar, if Elf or Scrooged (the classic ’80s Bill Murray flick based on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol) is the better Christmas movie. Ferrell’s irate, bright-pink face when he doesn’t pick Elf is mesmerizing. It’s a hard choice though, they’re both so great!

It’s hard to even describe the amazing interaction he has with the lady who actually does pick Elf, you just have to see it in the video below. (And honestly, if two dudes on the street giving you a gift-wrapped bale of hay doesn’t seem like a gift, we don’t even want to to know you.)

(Image via YouTube)