mercury in aquarius
Credit: Getty Images

Good news, friends—Mercury is entering Aquarius on Thursday, January 16th, and we’re going to feel light-hearted and breezy. While Capricorn season brought a sense of responsibility and heaviness and had us focus on our long-term perspectives, being grounded, and assessing situations and decisions more cautiously, Mercury in Aquarius will help us focus on our progress and intuition. Basically, our decision-making skills and overall thinking process are going to dramatically change.

Now we’re going to operate at a very fast tempo and process things on a more intuitive level, which will help us make decisions based on our intuition to figure out what’s the “right” path for us to take.

Because of this, our connection to our intuition will be heightened and even make us jump to conclusions a little too quickly. However, if you’re already naturally intuitive, you’re probably familiar with this kind of energy and are aware that it can come with an increased rate of error, especially if you have to take into account complicated situations that have several factors involved.

While you’re advised to focus on connecting with your intuition and your “instant knowing” for the majority of the month, you’re going to want to take a step back and breathe before jumping ahead with a definite decision on January 16th, 17th, and 18th.

Why? Because when Mercury is in Aquarius, it can make you feel impulsive, and that energy of impulsivity and recklessness is heightened around those dates.

Aside from that, you can also expect to communicate more quickly and focus on matters of innovation, technology, collective causes, and social justice. Plus, you may even find yourself having a more idealistic outlook when it comes to daily decisions and communications. During this month, try to define what your ideals and personal values are. It will be much easier for everyone to connect to their personal truth.