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Even though Wheel of Fortune has been on for a bazillion years and airs every single night at 7:30pm (check your local listings) we only really start talking about the game show when something amazing happens on it. So let’s talk aboutWheel of Fortune for a second, because something amazing happened on the show.

Contestant Rufus guesses one letter, T. There’s one T on the board. Then Vanna White reveals the letter and Rufus thinks about it for literally a split second. Then he yells, “CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!”

And, OH MY GOD, he’s totally right. Like, he figured it all out with only one letter on the board. No one is more stunned than host Pat Sajak. The other contestants enter into complete shock and awe. All of us at home can barely fathom how something like this happens because we’d be trying to figure out whether it’s best to then guess the letter S or maybe N?

Check out the insane correct guess below. This quick thinking earned Rufus a nice $1,700. Talk about going with your gut instincts.

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