Writing ideas

Never get a haircut right before a big event (your hair needs a few days to settle).

Find a lipstick that makes you feel powerful.

Love your voice and use it to say what you really mean.

Hand-wash your underwear.

Wear night cream.

Cuddle a lot.

Stop reading the books you hate, you’re not proving anything by finishing them.

Have big feelings.

Say “I love you” when you mean it.

Never, ever feel bad about telling someone you care.

It’s fully possible to fall for the idea of someone (even if the real person isn’t actually so great).

Three cups of coffee a day is the sweet spot.

Exercise before work — it’s highly likely you’ll make an excuse not to go after work.

Do things that intimidate you.

Don’t hold back tears, it really is OK to cry.

Laugh at yourself.

Telling someone you’re scared actually makes you feel a little bit braver.

The really bad things that happen in life are never the ones you expect, so you might as well stop worrying.

Weddings are more fun if you bring a date.

It’s possible to not know someone on a Monday, and not be able to stop thinking about them by Friday.

When in doubt, be the person who goes in for the hug hello.

Invest some money (even if it’s just a little bit).

Break-ups suck no matter who initiates, but you do get over them (promise).

Take your work seriously.

Take your talent seriously, too.

If you don’t want to go the party, don’t go.

Unless it’s your best friend’s party, in which case, show up early.

When you know you have the cards, gamble big.

Bet on yourself.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, they’ll just end up stressing you out.

Never talk yourself out of dancing.

Sing when you feel bad, it will make you feel better.

Only give kisses to people who deserve them, but when they do deserve them, kiss them a whole lot.

Protect your feelings, your affection should be won — not assumed.

Write the stories you have turning over in your mind, but remember, you’ll always hate the first draft.

Don’t give up on it though, there’s good stuff there.

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