Rachel Paige
December 05, 2016 3:15 pm
John P. Johnson/HBO

During the first season of Westworld, we kinda assumed that we were working with different timelines, and following the events of the season finale, that hunch was confirmed. We’Ve been watching William at two different points in his life: One, when he first comes to Westworld, and the other, 30-ish years later when he’s taken on his final form of the Man in Black. That’s cool, and all, but still leaves us wondering exactly what YEAR does Westworld take place in? We know that these events are 30 years apart, but still, WHEN?

Well, just because the series is over for the season doesn’t mean they still can’t sprinkle us with tiny little easter eggs. Though we never learned during the past 10 episodes, we finally know exactly when Westworld takes place, thanks to a down-the-rabbit-hole-like experience on Westworld’s website (and Redditor Herbrax212)

While the show’s site — that was actually designed to make us think we were going to visit the park — is now ~corrupt~ following the events of the season finale, when you visit the site it actually shows you security footage of Maeve’s escape from the park.

You know security footage is timestamped, right?


According to this Westworld security footage, Maeve’s escape took place on June 15th…2052.


And since we’ve been told, multiple times, that the “past” events of Westworld are taking place 35 years prior, that means that young William’s story takes place in the not far off future of 2017-2018 (because 2052-53 = 2017ish).

While this date doesn’t offer up any more explanation surrounding the INSANITY of the season finale, at least we know in like, two years, Westworld will be open for the public to enjoy! Our bags are packed, let’s go to Sweetwater!