Jill Layton
Updated Feb 17, 2015 @ 2:01 pm

The 139th annual Westminster Dog Show is underway, and it’s already making some major headlines.

For starters, one of winning dogs belongs to a very famous lady. Patty Hearst, actress, heiress and kidnapping victim who raised awareness about Stockholm Syndrome, is now the mom of an award-winning pet. Hearst’s shih tzu, Rocket, earned the honor of “Top Toy Dog” on Monday.

The news took a lot of people by surprise. Hearst, who appeared in two John Waters films, after writing her memoir of survival and serving jail-time for participating in a bank robbery organized by her kidnappers, told press at the dog show she’s moved on with her life. She’s raised kids, become a grandmother and spent the past 10 years in the dog show world. According to USA Today, she co-owns Rocket with two other specialists, and also works with award-winning French bulldogs. Tonight, during the show’s grand finale, Rocket will be competing with six other dogs for the title of “Best in Show.” We’re totally rooting for the adorably hairy creature, FYI.

Rocket isn’t the only prize-winner so far, (check out some of the other ribbon-earners here). But Hearst’s pooch is going to be the one to beat at tonight’s big championship. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the other brilliantly cute competitors we would really like to have as our own:

This dog is so casual about his ability to fly

This face!

Beauty before sight

We vote for all three of them! Does our vote count?

Wait, but seriously — how do they even choose?

Probably pretty excited about her upcoming treat

Ear wings are the new regular wings

That climbing wall is basically completely vertical

Almost there, boy (or girl)!

Flashback to kindergarten, anyone?

Get it!


Have you ever seen a happier, jumpier dog?

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