Karen Belz
January 11, 2017 12:33 pm
Greg Baskwell / Imgur

It should come as no surprise by now — we love dogs. Dogs brighten our day and serve as our honest-to-goodness best friends. That’s why we’ve replayed this gif from Reddit of the most helpful dog in the world about 400 times. It’s just another reminder that dogs are incredible. (And hey, even if the video is staged, the pup did everything as expected.)

The video was posted in r/aww, otherwise known as the subreddit for all things adorable, by Redditor DidUJustHitDat. After some research, it looks like the dog in question is named Finley — and the owner in question is named Greg Baskwell.

After watching this gif, we kind of want Finley to visit us, and help us out with some chores. He’d earn some Milk-Bones as a thank you.

Such a good boy!

Of course, when we put the pieces together, we needed to find all of Finley’s adventures. Baskwell has an Instagram with even more amazing videos and pictures, and of course, there’s also a YouTube account.

While dogs should avoid chocolate, we totally can’t avoid this video of Finley trick-or-treating this year:

And, just when you thought that the Mannequin Challenge had wrapped up, this video will bring you right back into it.

(It’s hard enough for humans to do it — how the heck does this dog take direction so well?)

Hopefully 2017 will bring even more Finley moments — if there’s a dog that deserves some time in the spotlight, it’s definitely him.