7 of the weirdest KIMOJIs on Kim Kardashian’s new emoji app

Today is the blessed day Kim Kardashian’s emoji app, KIMOJI launched, and TBH we’re not sure how the world got on without it. From Kim’s cry face to her Internet-breaking Paste magazine champagne butt shot, the KIMOJIs are pretty much what you would expect. Except a few.

1. Like,  these two fine specimens having sex in the shower.

Are these humans having sex in the shower? Or is that someone rubbing their naked friend’s back while they throw up in the tub?

2. Some broken jewelry.  

Is this an earring? A broken necklace? Is that Jesus? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS, KIM.

3. A dead fish in a taco.

Is this what I think it is? Yes. Yes, it is. And that is vulgar AF.

4. Two gallons of whole milk.

But why? Why milk, and why two gallons of it? I’m pretty positive the Kardashians do not consume dairy, so this is very confusing. Do the two gallons of milk = boobs full of milk because Kim and Kourtney breastfeed? Is that what we’re supposed to take away from this?

5. A cop.

I need some more context, Kim.

6. A mouth with just bottom grills.

To me, it almost looks like a mouth chewing on some sponge, which makes me feel weird inside.

7. A skunk? A skunk.

Along with a dinosaur, a wolf, and a unicorn, KIMOJIs also offers you a skunk. A+ variety of animals, Kim.

(Images via KIMOJI)