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It looks like opting to give your baby a unique name is becoming less of a celeb trend and more of an everyday, common practice: In a survey conducted by BabyCenter, 43 percent of parents said they like unusual names.

BabyCenter’s 2015 report of baby names shows that more parents are going for creativity and uniqueness over traditional names. Looking at data from 340,000 of the site’s registered users who had kids this year, BabyCenter compiled a list of the most unusual names. Every name had to have come up a minimum of three times to make the list, meaning at least three babies born this year have a name on the list.

I bet the parents on the list who named their daughter Frooti didn’t think at least two other girls in this world would have that name, but apparently, they do.

Some names were actually derived from pretty familiar places, like months, states, locations, and… Instagram. Yes, there are quite a few names on the list that might sound familiar, like Lux and Valencia. It might be weird to tell your child he or she was named after an Instagram filter in 20 years, when Instagram doesn’t even exist. Another popular place of inspiration this year was the Bible, but in a less obvious way. While there are still plenty of baby Noahs and Hannahs in this world, there are now those with names like Psalm, Messiah, and Heavenly.

Here are some of our fave “weird” names that made the cut:








-Ferris (Bueller? Bueller?)



To view the full list — and see if your name or your kid’s name made the cut — head on over to BabyCenter.

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