Jill Layton
Updated Feb 05, 2015 @ 6:55 pm

Here’s the deal — Photoshop has gotten such a bad rap lately with so many companies changing women and men’s bodies to fit the “ideal” body type, so we wanted to remind everyone that although Photoshop may seem like the worst thing ever, the tool itself isn’t all bad all the time. In fact it can be used for good—weird Internet good. The phenomenon of Photoshopping celebrities’ eyes onto other celebrities’ eyes, for example, or children’s heads onto adults’ bodies, maybe slightly terrifying but still pretty mesmerizing.

Sure, they’re mostly disturbing and super random, but they’re creative and sometimes quite artistic — if you consider cross-Photoshop breeding a penguin and a whale (a pengwhale) art (we do).

So, let’s check out all the weirdly satisfying things Photoshop has to offer together, shall we?

Celebrities with believable tattoo makeovers, because why not:

Baby heads swapped with adult heads (FYI, kinda cuter than expected):

Hybrid animals being all hybrid animally:

And of course Zooey’s gorgeous eyes planted on famous dudes’ heads:

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