Zoe Moon
January 12, 2015 8:49 am


For someone who is all about full frontal assaults you are about to get very stealth ninja so get yourself centered and remember, whatever you feel absolutely compelled to do and do right now over these next 7 weeks, A) has a 50/50 chance of being a very self-destructive game plan and B) has a 50/50 chance of being your most spiritual, romantic, artistic, strategic, healing, action plan you’ve embarked upon in years. Every time you feel yourself start to go for it, anger-up, pull that passion cord, high karate that num-num, ask yourself which it is, ask then leap. You will be more or less unstoppable, however you do want some players left on the field once the passage is over. Expect your biggest push or tests Thursday and Friday. Your entire week is strong in the social arena, engage friends, groups, social networking, gatherings, the Internet, you are strongly placed.


You are about to embark upon some intergalactic mission into the dark realms and there you are going to don your warrior garb, ramp up your passions and charge into the unknown and you are going to be doing this with friends, as part of a group, via the internet, astrology, a charity, cause, or something that involves your aspirations or original projects. Yes, there are monsters out there, no joke. And this is a very Karmic cycle for you so most likely some of these pathways you’ve tread before with some of these cohorts in a past lifetime. So, will you go down the self-sabotaging corridor of secretiveness, deception, substance abuse, or some mindless fall-in pattern tied to that past life drama or will you take the corridor of light towards artistic, spiritual, romantic, healing, hospital, or research opportunities? Over the weeks ahead you will get a chance to ask yourself which corridor on many occasions, be aware that taking both leads nowhere, your biggest tests this week arrive Thursday and Friday. On the other hand, career, income and goals involving women or love are favored all week.


I am estimating that our Gemini’s out there are about to grab a headline or two in their world and it is going to read A) Exposed, the actions that have been going on behind closed doors, in secret, over some clandestine affair, substance abuse, boundary issue, or deceptive movements, or B) Bravo, the achievements, the awards, the recognition, look at what has been accomplished on the career front, with that major personal goal or involving that authority type like the parent, boss or judge. This B version may be all about your artistic talents or projects, spiritual or romantic pursuits, or healing and hospital matters. The thing is, you have more mojo behind what you are doing and it is out there in the spotlight now and it is working from the place of hidden and magical things so over these next 7 weeks, ask yourself when you are DOING something towards a major goal of yours, which headline do you want? There’s not much you cannot achieve now, come from the good place, your first tests arrive Thursday and Friday.


Ok spiritual warrior, here’s the thing, we have seen the drive and passionate actions of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Sister Teresa (as examples) in the name of their beliefs, what can be achieved for the good of others by showing up and doing something in the name of what you hold to be a higher truth. We have also all seen the flip side of what happens when you wear a belief as a mantel and use your power to destroy things. I illustrate this for your sign because in the weeks ahead you will be an almost unstoppable spiritual warrior. You may use this power of belief to further religious or political agendas, legal or educational pursuits, media, marketing or publishing interests, wedding plans, or travel or foreign interests. At all times you must ask yourself, “Do the actions I take in the name of what I believe put me in the first or second category?” Your first tests arrive Thursday and Friday via paperwork, a job, health matter, or someone you work with/have hired. 


Casanova was the world’s greatest lover or the world’s greatest player, depends on your view. One thing’s for sure, the man had game. So, Casanova, in the weeks ahead, you have more ability to sex up your life than you’ve had in some time, do you want to be remembered as a lover or a player? Note that where you tread may seem hidden or magical at present, it is, but that it will not remain that way forever, 2 months from now anything hidden will begin to come to light. This is not only going to pertain to your intimate life, you will have an equal ability to make things happen in deeper ways in your financial life, with the divorce, any mortality issues, reproductive needs, or third party situations. So keep your focus on the core of what drives you and not the number of the outcome, you can move mountains but they are Karmic mountains, be mindful. Your first tests arrive Thursday and Friday.


The caduceus is a very old symbol of healing and transformation that shows a staff with two serpents coiling up the center. You see it in the medical profession although it was tied to Hermes/Mercury, it represents the spinal column and the kundalini energy winding about it. This idea that there are 2 channels working the flow to healing and the body structure of humanity, it serves you well as an image right now as you embark on 7 weeks of important, core healing through one-on-one relationships with others. You may seek a specialist, interact with clients, partner with someone, work with a representative, or compete to better yourself, but it is the dance along this channel that gives the energy to your life right now. There is Karmic clearing going on for you and the 2 sides to the field it is working through; A) hidden, self-sabotaging, addictive, deceptive, or secretive, and B) spiritual, healing, artistic, romantic, or research oriented. Take action towards these important souls in your world right now, heal, release, rise. Your first tests arrive Thursday and Friday.


You are starring in the Matrix over the next 7 weeks, no you are not Neo, nope, not Morpheus either, you dear Libra, are the Keymaster. So get into that room with the thousands of keys, it’s dark but you have task lighting, it sits somewhere between the universe taking the blue pills and the rebels taking the red pills, it’s your own little reality but boy do you have a crap-load to get done now in that little room. You could sit and work out the details to some serious work situation, health need or paperwork pile-up, drilling away the perfect keys to unlock entry into better situations here or you could focus it on animals, people you hire or what you are working on with co-worker, either way the absolute detail to the artistic, spiritual, healing, research, or romantic matter behind it all is paramount. You could cheat, hide, self-sabotage, or in other ways go down the wrong passage but you are the Keymaster, it’s time to make Keys, and anyway, deceptions come to light in about 2 months. Your first tests arrive Thursday and Friday.


This week starts one of the biggest rushes you’ve been gifted from the Cosmos regarding true love and creativity. It is powerful, Karmic, magical, and active. It will last 7 plus weeks. You can use this power to take love, your creative projects and what you do with kids or recreation to new artistic, spiritual, romantic, healing, or magical levels or you can find yourself swimming into the dark waters of self-undoing, addictions, deceptions, and hidden agendas. Your first tests arrive Thursday and Friday. As far as what’s going on in the home or with property, moves, renovations, family, etc, you have really good energy at work, especially Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


There are just a couple lessons you need to remember in the weeks ahead, A) You do have the power now to create some building, make a home, purchase land, buy or sell real estate, move, renovate, or in some way ground a family, dynasty, parental, or security matter in a very large way and it will be a magical vision of your artistic, spiritual, romantic, research, or healing abilities, or B) You could go down the dark corridor misusing these powers, doing things in secret or hidden, being deceptive or addictive or self-sabotaging, leaving a lot of questions in your wake. As you move your mountains over these matters make sure you are asking yourself which it is, your first tests arrive Thursday and Friday.


Great orators can elevate the people to new spiritual or artistic heights, with the power of their words and the passions of their hearts they can sway the masses to inspired places. History is filled with those who took the power of the word and led the multitudes into the darkest of places as well. So as you head into this week and are handed the power to wield words of influence with the best of them, remember the mystery, the magic, the romance, the heart of the artistic, research, healing, or spiritual seed behind what you impart and be diligent about bypassing the darker places. Over the next 7 weeks you can inspire and achieve through talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, auditions, offers, short trips, local activities, what you do with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and the decisions you make. Tune into your most magical and inspired ideas.


You are going to have the ability to earn more, spend more and own more, with a driving passion to achieve what you desire here that is higher and more supported than at any other time in recent history. You can A) let this bring out your great talents and artistic side, follow through with spiritual practices, romantic interests, healing, hospitals, or research, or B) You can self-sabotage, hide things, be secretive, addictive, and without boundaries. This is Karmic territory and what is hidden now will not stay that way, so as you go along with this new found power, keep reminding yourself who you are and what really matters and let it inspire greatness. Your first tests arrive Thursday and Friday.


Mysterious, mesmerizing, hypnotic, magical, unsettling, dangerous, inspired, I wasn’t sure if when describing how I saw your potential starting this week and in the weeks ahead if I should use Rasputin, Stevie Nicks or a Unicorn! Pisces, here’s the thing, you begin hosting warrior energy Mars in your sign now. You haven’t had it in your sign for a couple years and now that it’s here it is working with Neptune, your ruler, and it is going to be about bringing out the true magical, inspired, or deceptive, addictive nature of who you are and how you go about getting what you want over the next 7 weeks. You are empowered, I urge you to ask yourself each time you put things into motion, ‘Am I coming from my artistic, spiritual, magical, romantic, healing, or developing core or am I coming from that dark, hidden, secretive, self-sabotaging place?’ You can move mountains when putting yourself out there, focusing on your needs, body, image, brand, name, title, or identity, just stay the high road. Your first tests come Thursday and Friday.

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