Plus, Mars retrograde will occur this week.

Lisa Stardust
Sep 06, 2020 @ 7:30 am
weekly horoscope september 6th, astrology, zodiac sign
Credit: Nyimas Laula, Getty Images

This weekly horoscope is a lot chiller than the past few weeks and will bring good vibes to everyone. Venus enters flamboyant Leo on September 6th, adding passion to your hearts and bounty to your wallets.

The Virgo sun connects with Jupiter, which is retrograde in Capricorn, on September 9th, expanding your ego and desires. Mars retrograde commences on September 9th and lasts until November 13th in the sign Aries. During this time, you will have problems getting tasks started and off the ground. However, with the proper determination, you can make anything happen. The Virgo sun opposes Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces, on September 11th, adding an ambiguous vibe to your life, which can be harnessed with creativity. Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde journey on September 12th. You'll experience growth on a deep level then.  

Scroll below to read your weekly horoscope. Make sure to look at your rising sign, too.


It’s natural for you to excel at everything you do, which is why you will be receiving a lot of love and appreciation from your boss and coworkers this week. Lean into your successes right now and don’t take it for granted. Show off your wins now. After all, you've earned it!  


If you go into a situation without knowing the whole truth, you’ll feel like you’re the victim of a major deception. Be honest with others to ensure that you can receive the same in return. Set the temperature for the relationship, then you can expect to be treated that way.  


Don’t let the negative talk within your mind hold you back from achieving your dreams. Start thinking positively and embrace your passions. Ignore all of the naysayers. Move towards your goals this week. You’ll find that you are able to win at everything you put your mind and heart into.  


Stop letting people define who you are. Only you know how awesome you are and you don’t need any validation to prove your worth. Acknowledge the amazing attributes and successes that you can and have brought to the world. Then, you will totally get your confidence back and feel amazing!  


There may be a little drama occurring at the office, resulting from miscommunications with your colleagues. Before you start popping off as a reaction to their rudeness, take a step back, and try to remedy the matter. You will see that you can catch more flies with honey, not defensiveness.  


It’s time you let your feelings be known! Stop hiding your heart and emotions away from those you care about. The only one who winds up suffering is you, because you aren’t letting your sentiments out. Therefore, no one can reciprocate or show you affection in return. Speak up now! 


Whenever you’re in doubt, you know you can look to your friends for support and guidance. This week is no different. But, you’re learning that you have to give back all the love that they give you in return to show that you appreciate them.  


A new professional opportunity is coming your way this week. However, it’s not the ideal offer that you had hoped for. Don’t despair! You can negotiate the exact terms of the contract or even hold out for another position (which will come soon). It’s okay to keep your options open right now.  


Everyone makes mistakes at one point or another. And, unfortunately, you are no different. However, you can differentiate yourself from others by owning up to the situations in which you have been less than scrupulous in. Odds are, the people you have to make amends with will let it go. 


Oftentimes, you let situations wear at your heart and get to you. Learn to take all of your setbacks with stride, your wins with gratitude, and go with the flow. This way, you can remain grounded through the emotional ups and downs that will come your way this week.  


Understanding your inner motives and desires will take a lot of your energy this week. Before you go down the rabbit hole of anxiously critiquing all of your emotional decisions, be rational. You’ll find that you came to such conclusions based on the facts at hand. Don’t second-guess your choices.  


Your heart is bursting with excitement and yearning for romance. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open for a hot new crush who will unexpectedly come your way. If you're currently in a situationship or relationship, you can expect the bond that you both share to deepen this week.