Don't rush through this growth—it takes time to change.

Lisa Stardust
Sep 13, 2020 @ 7:30 am
weekly horoscope
Credit: Unsplash

You may want to run and grow fast, according to your weekly horoscope, but you have to take your time before you breeze through transforming. Change is hard. It takes time. You have to prove that you are willing to evolve before you take on a new role this week.

The Virgo sun and Pluto, which is retrograde in Capricorn, connect on September 14th. This will bring your passions to the surface. Venus, which is in Leo, and Uranus, which is retrograde in Taurus, will make you feel intoxicating to others on the 15th. The Virgo sun squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on September 16th and pushes you to make decisions. The Virgo new moon on September 17th will give you a new way of thinking and feeling. The sun and Saturn, which is retrograde in Capricorn, will make you rethink your actions from the previous day. And then Mercury, which is in Libra, and Jupiter, which is in Capricorn, will open and expand your mind on the 17th.  

Scroll below to read your weekly horoscope. Make sure to look at your rising sign, too.


Taking the high road is divine, but it can be frustrating when you know you are 100% right. Find a balance in asserting your views to others so you can let them know how you feel, stand in your power, and willfully use compassion as your compass rather than creating drama.  


It’s never too late to reach out and connect to those you care about, even if you’ve had drama with them in the past. Be open to evolving and growing the relationship. Then you’ll be able to make amends with them and let the friendship reach its full potential.  


Everybody needs some time away to relax and decompress. However, you need a lot of R&R this week. Before you get anxious over not being able to do a million things at once, take a break from the stresses at hand and chill. You deserve a break, Gemini.  


Tighten up your day-to-day activities by sticking to a schedule. Don’t let anything stand in the way of accomplishing the tasks at hand this week. Be stern and in control with your time to avoid being distracted by everything that you need and have to do (which is a lot).  


Defining and setting your boundaries with others is important right now. Before you give in, once again, to the needs of your friends and family, make sure that you are taking care of yourself first.


Stand in your power this week, Virgo. Before you begin to second-guess yourself and your needs, remember that you are a brilliant person who can manifest all that you want. Do not let anyone steal your awesomeness. Only you can bring your dreams and desires to light.  


Think about what makes you (and you alone) happy this week. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of finding your true bliss and personal satisfaction. Once you identify where and how you are able to find contentment, then you can move towards pure emotional well-being without hesitation.  


Your friends have a lot to say about your S.O., which is creating confusion about your feelings in your heart and mind. Step away from their noise and input. Focus on how your crush makes you feel. Then you can make the proper decision that’s best and right for you.  


Change is coming your way, whether you like it or not. Embracing personal growth will allow you to transform your views, sentiments, and ideology. Not only that, but you’ll like the person you’re becoming in the process. Let this inner evolution guide you towards the next phase of your life.  


You’ve achieved fame and acclaim in your career. Now you are thinking about ditching the need to be number one for a less-chaotic life. While this may be challenging (due to your innate determination to always be the best), you are seeing that you inherently want a fuller life.  


A giver by nature, you put others before yourself—which is a lovely quality. The caveat to placing yourself second is that you may become resentful about not getting the same amount of TLC in return. Scale back a little. Then you won’t get hurt when it’s not reciprocated by other people.  


You can’t make everyone happy, no matter how much you try. You can, however, compromise and negotiate how much energy and time you give to others. This will ensure that you give as much as you can now, even if you can’t give your all to those you care about.