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Updated May 10, 2019 @ 3:39 pm
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The main theme this week is self-love and self-worth. After the last months heavily focused on relationships, we’re coming to realize how we, and perhaps the people in our lives, haven’t been treating us with the love we deserve. We’re coming to terms with this, and coming to terms with the obstacles still on our path to true self-love and worship. That involves something most of us aren’t comfortable with: looking at the parts of ourselves we do not deem worthy or likable.

This week is all about this difficult realization and work; you’re likely to have unexpected breakthroughs and a very fertile mind.

Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign, and don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it.


This week is about finalizing a self-transformation that has been brewing for a month or so. Hang in there, you’re in a state of becoming and you’re about to step into a new phase, Aries! You might make bold choices this week, like dying your hair or changing your wardrobe—why not?


You were electrified by the last new moon, Taurus, and you can expect a renewed energy in your relationships. You’re currently working hard at your success, and it’s soon going to be your turn to shine bright after this period of introspection. You’re still very much reflecting and being by yourself/in your self. This is still what you’re asked to do, but you should have more clarity this week.


This is a time of great breakthroughs for you, Gemini, Your mind is fertile, and your body is also extremely energetic. Now more than ever is a good time to take on a workout routine to get the excessive mental and physical energy out. You might also find that you desire to change the way you eat, and now is a good time to do so as you’re more in touch with your body’s needs.


You’re likely to re-experience themes that started in January, and you’re being called to reflect on what has been bothering you for the last months. Where have you been feeling limited? Why do you think that is? What is this sluggish feeling teaching you about yourself? Remember that blockages are temporary and only meant to last long enough to open up your mind and teach you a valuable lesson for your growth.


It’s all about work for you lately, Leo, and this week is no different. The energy is supportive of your goals and desires—it’s a good time for you professionally, and it will be even more so if you can ask yourself the following questions: What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind? What do I want to be known for? How can I be a helpful part of society? What role do I desire to play?


Are you feeling that Kundalini energy, Virgo? It’s a time of sexual awakening for you, but not only that—lately you’re doing a lot of shadow work, and it’s paying off. This week you’re going to gain new levels of awareness, and it’s a good time to face your obsessions and compulsions. If you’ve been feeling addicted to situations, people, or things, this week is about letting them go.


After a period of great indecision, you’re about to step into a phase where you decide to commit: to things, to people, to yourself. The main word this week is commitment, and you’re able to do so because you’re finally letting go of wanting to have everything/wanting to please everyone/wanting to have it all and ending up with nothing. You’re going to let go of some situations, and fully commit to others.


You can expect new beginnings and a focus on relationships this week, Scorpio. You’re at a time of self-improvement, and the work you’ve been doing on yourself is allowing you to enjoy a different energy in your relationships. Be careful not to be too hard on yourself—the goal isn’t perfection, and if you remain too much in your head, you can sabotage your efforts. Remind yourself to be connected to your body.


Love, love, love. This week is very romantic and joyful for you, Sagittarius, whether you draw this love from relationships or from an inner feeling of being accomplished and at peace with yourself. Pursue creative activities—ask yourself what you used to love as a kid, and do just the same. The lesson this week is: give! Give love, attention, praise, and energy, and you’ll find that eventually, you’ll receive.


This week you’re very much in your head—you might find yourself overthinking and even chasing your own thoughts, like a hamster on a wheel. The lesson this week is to connect to your belly: What’s happening inside? Is it fear? Is it love? Is it anger? Is it pain? Focus as much as your can on feeling what’s going on inside your stomach and heart, and remember that paying attention to your thoughts is a choice.


Money, money, money is what you have in mind this week—but not only that. You’ve been on a quest for self-worth and self-love, and you might have been pursuing this through the material plane—this week is no different. You will have brand new thoughts—how to improve your material conditions, but also, how to improve your feeling of worthiness. Remember to declutter of people, things, and situations. If you have too much weight and clutter around you, it’s hard to see clearly.


This week is a bit unstable energetically for you, Pisces, as you can feel pulled between wanting to overachieve and wanting to go home and sleep. Chances are, you’re going to alternate between these two extremes, and it’s important to manage yourself and listen to your body. If you’re not feeling well, just give it a day. You can expect renewed energy work wise—new opportunities might knock on your door.

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