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Updated Jun 06, 2019 @ 2:36 pm
weekly horoscope from hellogiggles
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This week is fun and communicative. With a brand new Gemini season beginning on May 21st, we are gaining in speed and lightness, and the mood is overall much more youthful and free.

It’s a great time to make new friends, start new activities, and change your lifestyle. The energy is sensual and lavish; we’re seeking to make ourselves feel good and feeling social and ready to bloom in the spring season. Love affairs are also highlighted this week: the air is passionate yet secure, and we aren’t frantic—we’re just excited enough thanks to grounding Taurus season.

Check out your weekly horoscope per sun sign below, and don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it.


Aries, this week is all about relationships. It’s a good time to do some shopping, try something new, or go on a date in an unusual place or with someone different from your usual style. Don’t be scared to stray off your usual path.


Money manifestor is your name this week! You have a lot of energy to dedicate to improving your life, and it’s going to pay off. Keep your head up and pursue your dreams; if you can focus on channelling your creativity this week, you can expect sweet surprises.


You are at a time of deep introspection, Gemini, and this week is no different. You want to be out and about, but the focus should be getting to know yourself better as opposed to getting to know others. You could have some interesting encounters online this week, though, so keep an eye open.


You have been hard at work for the last weeks, and now it’s starting to pay off. Keep faith and keep working hard like you have been—rewards are just around the corner.


This week is a bit challenging for you, Leo. It seems like people around you are as stubborn as you are, and you might need to compromise if you want the energy to remain sweet. Time to learn some flexibility—should you show good efforts, things will smooth out for you.


The inner work you have been doing for the last weeks is paying off, and now it’s time to collect the rewards. You may feel like a new person—your mindset is shifting, you feel better able to be present, and you’re more able to feel joyful and positive.


This week is preparing you for a brand new way of relating, Libra. Whether a new relationship enters your life or not, now is a time to break free of previous relationship patterns.


You are enjoying a time of popularity at work, so it’s a good time to start over with your coworkers, bosses, and clients. This week is offering you the possibility of redefining yourself and rebuilding relationships, at work and otherwise.


You have been focusing on expressing yourself and your creativity lately, Sagittarius, and this week you’ll be asked to start channelling this fire energy into a proper discipline. Your creativity is great, but do you have a plan to achieve your goals, with steps, commitments, and a routine? Now is the time to focus on setting this up.


This week is a rather introverted time for you. Well, when isn’t? But this week particularly you’re asked to bond with your family, bond with yourself, and nourish yourself with self-love and time off. Work could feel draining this week, so give yourself a break and show compassion for yourself.


You could receive unexpected sums of money or streams of income this week. It’s also a good time to get rid of gigs and possessions that are cluttering your time and space. Your creativity is off the charts this week, so follow your intuition and pursue ideas that are close to your heart.


Pisces, it’s a good time for you financially—you might receive unexpected money, or perhaps get a new job/leave your current job unexpectedly. It’s all going to serve you, and you might see why next week.

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