Lisa Stardust
Updated May 18, 2020
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This week brings your emotions and sentimentality to the forefront. You’ll be wearing your heart on your sleeve as you blaze through this week’s tender cosmic vibes.

The week will start off with the Taurus sun connecting with Jupiter, which is retrograde in Capricorn. This energy will make you feel larger than life and encourage you to take more risks. The sun enters Gemini on May 20th, giving you the freedom and curiosity to intellectualize your desires. Venus, which is retrograde in Gemini, squares off with Neptune, which is in Pisces for the second time this season on May 20th (the first was on May 3rd and the third transit will occur on July 27th). This energy will intoxicate your heart with deep emotions but will blind you from seeing the truth of all matters.

The Gemini new moon that occurs on May 22nd will make you philosophize over the past due to the other cosmic transits happening throughout the day. Mercury and Venus retrograde align in Gemini on May 22nd, right before Mercury and Neptune square off. You may feel nostalgic and long for the good old days, which you’ll soon realize are long gone. The sun and Saturn, which is retrograde in Aquarius, softly connect on the 22nd, grounding your emotions throughout the day.


There may be a few half-truths circulating around your friend group at the moment. Instead of investigating each story (because none of the information adds up), give your squad time to own up to their exaggerations. Then you can avoid all the drama and be at peace with your crew.


Building an empire is hard, especially when you’re overwhelmed and consumed with other unrelated tasks. You have a lot on your plate. But, if you allow yourself a few hours throughout this week to work on your side hustle, you’ll be able to achieve your goals in no time.


Organization is key. Don’t get distracted by silliness and situations that have nothing to do with you. All that outside noise is meant to detour you from the project at hand. As long as you have the ability to implement your objectives, you’ll come out ahead of the game.


When you’re feeling let down by the world, you often rest in your cocoon. However, this week your crew is coming to support you during your time of need—and for the first time ever, you’re allowing them to dry your tears. After all, that’s what friends are for.


It’s time to take your power back, fierce lion. For the past few weeks, you’ve felt that others were surpassing your goals. Now, you’re manifesting your dreams and shooting for the stars. And, TBH, you’ll create a bigger vision than anticipated—which will also surpass others’ visions. You got this!


It’s time for you to rethink the direction of your career. Make some simple changes to boost your professional visions and to take your dreams to the next level. You have the power to make important and necessary changes. Move towards greatness.


Lately, you’ve been feeling as though your star isn’t glowing as brightly as it once was. This is why this week is the perfect time to start asserting your confidence by stating daily affirmations while looking at yourself in the mirror. Don’t dim your light—let it shine on!


Change is in the air for you, even though you’re preferring the rigidity of life at the moment. The good news is that you don’t have to go through the emotional roller coaster ride alone. Your squad is by your side to support every move and choice you make.


As you know by now, a former flame is trying to claw their way back into your life. You don’t have to respond to their DMs. Leaving their messages on “read” will prove to them that you’re not interested. You’re once bitten, twice shy.


It’s time to get your life back in order, which may be easier said than done. Taking cat naps in between Zoom meetings is great and all, but you need to start implementing proper office rules in your WFH situation. This will be super hard, but you can do it!


Your life is about to get lighter and sparklier. But, first, you have to tackle your to-do lists (however, they’re totally more manageable at the moment). Once you’re done completing all of your mundane tasks, you’ll have fun. Plus, your loving cup will feel a little bit bubblier.


Stop beating yourself up for past mistakes. Don’t let former situations and heartbreaks hold you back from achieving success. The moment you let go of fear and start believing in yourself more, you’ll be able to attain your dreams. Have faith in yourself and the world will follow.

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