Julia Look Up The Stars
March 31, 2019 7:00 am
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We might be in fiery Aries season, but this week’s horoscope is also very Pisces (aka dreamy). Mercury finally went direct in Pisces on March 28th, joining Neptune and Venus in the water sign. Add that to this month’s Big Aries Energy, and the vibe is bold and fiery yet also dreamy and elusive—think of it as Rihanna’s week.

We have stars in our eyes right now, we’re dreaming, we’re romantic, and we might get a tad carried away, think: planning our marriage to a person we just met. Realistic? No. Fun? Surely. This is the perfect time to focus on your health and decluttering à la Marie Kondo. The perfect time to meditate, practice visualization, practice mindfulness, practice future-self journaling.

But enough with the mush, says the new moon in Aries on April 4th. We’re angry and we have stuff to do—fast, fast, fast, out of the way.

This whole week is about love affairs—new beginnings, sudden endings, lots of movement in relationships. It’s been a wild ride since Mercury Retrograde, and we’re finally starting to make sense of our communication again. But we aren’t quite done with the love tribulations. You may know very forgiving, kind, unconditional love this week, but you may also encounter challenges. My main advice is to surrender, flow, and connect with the divine feminine energy.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in your weekly horoscope.


Aries, this week is going to electrify you. Despite the blockages you may have run into recently, you persist and you thrive. Remember to ground yourself before pursuing all these new ideas and opportunities coming your way.


Taurus, this is a comfortable week for you. You appreciate the romantic and soft atmosphere, and the energies are helping you be more open and social. Enjoy it!


Gemini, this week is a bit volatile for you. You change your mind and your direction often, so you can feel a bit confused. Focus on putting your mind on rest mode, embracing the flow, and accepting temporary confusion. It serves a purpose.


Cancer, you’re having such a great time. Everyone around you finally seems to understand your usual moods, and friends might reach out to ask for advice. This week you can be a nurturer for yourself and others.


You’re going to have a great spike of energy this week, Leo. It’s the perfect time for you to move forward with projects you might have had in the back of your mind, or act on an impulse for a brand new idea.


Virgo, this is a very healing week for you. You’re doing a lot of inner searching, a lot of healing when it comes to love affairs, fantasies, and expectations in love. It’s a good time to look within and focus on you.


Libra, what a ride! After the last full moon in your sign, we’re now closing the loop with this Aries new moon. Love affairs have been a source of concern for you and continue to be (when does it ever stop, really?). You’re learning how to go with your heart and not with your head. Drop the weapons—flow.


For you, Scorpio, this week is about inner reflection. You might have experienced difficulties in relationships, and this week is about questioning why.


Sagittarius, you’re reviewing the way you think, your mental patterns, and your communication. The new moon in Aries is going to give you a lot of energy to rethink and rewire your brain. It’s a good time to take on new, healthy habits.


This is a productive week for you, Capricorn. You have a lot of energy to dedicate to your projects and you’re making smart moves. The new moon in Aries is asking that you speak your truth.


This week is about work and personal accomplishments for you, Aquarius. The Pisces energy is helping to increase your empathy and emotional intelligence, which is helpful for your business affairs.


Pisces, you’re swimming in bliss and romance, but is it all real or did you dream it? You’re ready to take initiatives in your work and ready to assert yourself—and the new moon in Aries will help you manifest your wishes.

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