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Updated Jul 03, 2019 @ 12:24 pm
weekly horoscope
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The atmosphere is significantly different this week as three planets change signs, announcing a welcome new breeze. With Leo energy in the air, we’re still very much concerned with affairs of the heart, but we’re much more energized and passionate. The week is vibrant, playful, energetic, and romantic.

While you can expect delays and obstacles on your way, know that these delays in gratification are only here to help you take the time and proper steps to do things right. Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday, July 7th, too, so remember—don’t rush anything. We are already in a period of slowing down called “the pre-shadow.”

Here come your weekly horoscopes per sun sign. Don’t forget to check your rising sign, too, if you know it.


Love, love, love. This week is very joyful for you, Aries, and you feel warm, generous, want to express yourself, play, and take risks—everything you love. Love affairs could be highlighted for you this week, but this loving feeling is more than just romance; it’s overall a time during which you have more appetite for life and love. Enjoy!


Be careful not to overdo your legendary stubbornness this week; it could be easy to lock horns with friends and family and pride could get in the way of your peace. Try to step back and ask yourself whether it is in your best interest to lock into a conflict before you do.


You could feel a bit restless this week, even more so than usual. You have a lot of energy, both physical and intellectual, at your disposal, but be sure to ground yourself and be in the present moment, especially if you start feeling anxious. Remember that the past and the future are only formed of the present, and you need to live it as it comes.


It’s all about love for you, Cancer. Venus entered your sign and Mars left it, which means that, after a lot of anger and possibly resentment, you’re now freed off this heavy load and are feeling much more loving and peaceful. This week is very focused on your personal development and your goals, but relationships are highlighted, too. Ask yourself what it is that you want and need.


Things could still be a bit confusing and blurry for you this week—it’s not quite time to shine just yet, but it will be soon. Right now, you’re still in the shadows, repeating your act before the performance. This week is about reflecting, meditating, purging, and cleansing. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel down or lonely; this is a necessary time before a much more active period ahead.


This week has a great emphasis on connection and friendship. Whether it’s because you need entertaining, connection, friendship, romance, or because you’re seeking to build up a support network, a professional network, human contacts are extremely important and rewarding to you this week. Go the extra mile to build relationships, and you’ll find great rewards.


After a long period of reflecting, maturing, and intellectual toying, now is the time to put in practice all the things you’ve been reflecting on for the last weeks, and it’s mostly about your career goals and ambitions. Your career is being boosted and your energy is multiplied. Keep your eyes on the prize.


This is a highly transformative time for you; your mind is both on relationships and overall spirituality. The more time you spend questioning and pondering what set of beliefs you’re operating on, the easier you’ll find it to understand what’s going on in your relationships and alleviate any crises. Journaling and meditating are highly recommended this week.


It is said that Sagittarius is commitment-phobic, but if there is one week in the year during which you’d be inclined to commit, it is this one. This week you’re seeking depth and fusion, and you could have a very fated romantic encounter. Don’t be afraid of the emotions that come up for you this week—they have more to do with you than with whoever is your (potential) partner.


This week is about work and relationships, how to reconcile work and relationships, and working with a partner. It’s not necessarily a very romantic week, but the focus is on how to be more collaborative and benefit from relationships in your work. You’re called to be more vulnerable and attuned to the emotional than usual.


Did you find love in a hopeless place? This week is indicating that your mind is much more on love than it usually is. You’re seeking companionship, perhaps tired of your usual lone-wolf ways. It’s a good time to open up your heart and be more collaborative with others.


You have a lot of creativity going on this week; be sure to clear some space in your schedule so you can indulge in your favorite hobbies and crafts. This week is about expressing your inner world through creation, and creation can be as simple as cooking a meal or rearranging your cabinets or spending time drawing.

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