Don't rush the healing process, Aquarius. 

Jun 28, 2020 @ 7:00 am
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The stars are bringing more chaos and sparks than the fireworks this week. Fasten your seatbelt, cosmic warrior: You're in for a bumpy ride.

The week starts off with action planet Mars, which is in Aries, connecting with austere Saturn, which is retrograde in Aquarius, on June 28th. You may feel as though you're bringing down authority and fighting all of the powerful patriarchal forces in the world. This sentiment is exacerbated on June 30th, when Jupiter and Pluto, which are both retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, link up for the second time this year (the first time was on April 4th and the third time will be November 12th).

The same day, the tender Cancer sun aligns with Mercury, which is retrograde in emotional Cancer. This is the best day of Mercury retrograde because the sun is giving Mercury strength to shine brightly and kindly. Mercury retrograde and Uranus, which is in Taurus, will allow you to find unique and inventive ways to express yourself on the 30th. Then, the sun will take the lead in these matters with Uranus on July 1st. Saturn retrograde reenters Capricorn on July 1st and will take you back to the kinds of decisions and commitments you made during the first few weeks in March.  

Here's your weekly horoscope. Remember to read your rising sign, too.


The winds of professional change are blowing your way this week, which means that it’s time to reassess your old visions and find a new path that enables you to move towards a more evolved outlook that will help to catapult your career forward so you can reach greater heights than before.  

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Stumbling blocks may cause frustrations to rise within yourself, but with the right direction and incentive, you can move towards your desires. Word to the wise: The old ways won’t work, so choose new methods to manifest your visions. Be gentle on yourself as you evolve and move towards your dreams.  

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You have the rare opportunity to see your relationships for what they are. Once you come to terms with the reality of your partnerships, situationships, and friendships, you can choose the best avenues to walk down and pursue. Don’t ignore red flags in these situations. Open your eyes and ears.  

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You may feel as though you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to your intimate relationships. Before you run away from matters in an effort to avoid confrontation and drama, speak from the heart to prevent resentments from lingering. Honest communication can help you make decisions.

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No one is ever completely right or wrong when it comes to dealing with relationship drama. In fact, you’ll come to find that a grey area usually exists between both of you. Don’t dig your stubborn heels in when talking things out with your boo. See all sides of the matter.  

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It’s easy to fixate on what others are doing rather than focus your energy on yourself. You may find that you are giving too much of your time trying to understand others' motives, especially those of your crush. But you will find that it’s a waste of time.

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It’s okay to be a little indulgent now and again. Don’t feel bad about treating yourself to the simple pleasures in life. As long as you don’t break your bank account doing so, you can relish in the sweet little things that bring you happiness. Do you, bb! 

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Although you’ve been on autopilot for the past few months, it’s time to get back into the groove of your regularly scheduled activities. This means finally responding to all of your emails and social media DMs that you’ve ignored. Get yourself out of isolation now and back into the limelight.  

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You may find that your confidence is at a low this week. Try to connect to your body, mind, and heart in order to rebuild your self-esteem. Take long baths and quiet your anxieties with some rest and relaxation. You’ll feel brighter and better by week’s end with some self-care.  

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You always know the right thing to do in all situations. The caveat is that you're now not sure of what you want to achieve and what the best course of action is this week. Think things over before making decisions. Don’t make impetuous choices that you will later regret.  

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Past trauma is reawakening within yourself and forcing powerful emotions to rise to the surface this week. The more personal work you’re willing to do in an effort to understand your feelings, the better. Don’t rush the healing process. Take it slow and easy to mend issues. Most importantly, be kind to yourself now.  

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You may hang up the phone on your friend because you're upset this week. But instead of letting things fester within yourself, send an email explaining how you feel in an effort to make up. Email an olive branch to give your friendship some rest so you can move forward together.

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