Drama will be brewing with you and your coworkers, Leo.

Lisa Stardust
Jul 19, 2020 @ 7:30 am
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It’s been an intense summer, to say the least. The planets have been rocking ‘n rolling nonstop. And this week isn’t any different—but it serves as the finale to eclipse season and allows you to embrace a whole new adventure.  

The second Cancer new moon of the summer (the first one occurred on June 20th PST/ June 21st EST) will happen during the last days of Cancer season and is an emotional farewell to the drama of the past month. The same day, Saturn, which is in retrograde in Capricorn, will oppose the new moon. You may feel ignored by those in your circle, which will create temperamental meltdowns of sorts.  

The sun enters Leo on the morning of July 22nd, adding confidence and charisma to your personal vibes. Mercury, which is in Cancer, connects with Uranus, which is in Taurus, on the 22nd. This will allow you to see and understand situations from a different lens.  

July 27th is a busy celestial day. Venus, which is in Gemini, squares off with Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces. This is the third time these planets have shared a fraught connection in the past three months (the other dates were May 3rd and May 20th). Be prepared to hear about secrets and scandals—some of which may even affect your love life and money. Jupiter, which is in retrograde in Capricorn, connects with Neptune for the second time this year (the first connection was February 20th and the second one will be October 14th). It’s time to revisit the dreams you thought of in February and try to make them happen in real life.

And finally, Mercury and Mars, which is fired up in Aries, top off the day with a passionate conversation that will inspire change and transformation.  

Here's your weekly horoscope. Remember to read your rising sign, too.


Sometimes you get caught up in your sentiments, which causes issues to arise as it goes against your fiery vibe. The answer is simple: Don’t dwell on spilled milk. Let the past be in the past. Charge forward and move towards greatness without hesitation. Then you’ll be living your best life.  


How deep is your love, Taurus? This is a great week to come clean to your partner or crush about your feelings and connect together. You may find that they feel the same way as you and are ready to talk about deepening the relationship you have with each other.  


Calm down, bb! The anxiety that others are projecting onto you is rocking your peaceful boat. Rather than argue about boundaries and what’s been said or done, simply remove yourself from the situation. This will help you create peace within yourself without hearing negativity from others. Positive vibes only.


As Cher says in Moonstruck, “Snap out of it!” Yes, sweet Cancer, this is your cosmic wake-up call. It’s time for you to stop daydreaming of the past and focus on the present. This means stop clicking through old IG posts. Embrace the power of the present.  


There’s drama brewing with your coworkers. A snide comment by a colleague in a work email will make you feel as though you’re under-appreciated by your peers. Instead of holding the tension in, have a heart-to-heart with your colleague to mend fences, even if it seems hard to do.  


Your life may seem more erratic than ever. Although you feel like you’re on an emotional seesaw, you’re actually evolving. Your heart and mind are transforming, which is making it hard to find your footing. Ebb and flow through the work to find balance. Remember: Change is a good thing!  


We all get down every now and again. But you have so many wonderful friends and things in your life that it’s time for you to start looking on the brighter side of life. Stop having a pity party for one. Open your eyes and take stock of how amazing your life is.  


You’re leveling up your game this week, which means not playing second fiddle to anyone. For the first time in a long time, you’re putting an emphasis on yourself. All of your efforts will be met with personal and professional rewards that you didn’t see coming. Yay! You go, Scorpio!  


Setting boundaries isn’t something you’re especially good at, thanks to your love-and-let-live mentality. Although you often forget to keep the structure in place, try to remember the importance of boundaries this week. You may find that it’s necessary and healthy in order to maintain healthy relationships and friendships.  


You’re focusing more on accommodating others, which means that you’re putting yourself second—not first. Assess your needs and express your feelings. If you don’t, you may feel as though you’re being taken for granted. Speak up to avoid drama down the road with those you care about.  


It’s never too late to say you’re sorry or to make up with your friends. The caveat is that you’re being very stubborn about admitting that you may be at fault. Regardless of who’s right or wrong, it’s important that you send your bestie the first text and start the healing process.  


After a few months of uncertainty, you’re finally getting your confidence back. Be forewarned that you will have moments throughout the week in which you doubt yourself. But with the right attitude, your esteem will remain high and not flounder. Keep your fins up; good things are headed your way.