Your HelloGiggles horoscope, September 16th to 22nd: It’s time for diplomacy and stability

As Virgo season wraps up this week, we’re being called to look at the fine print of our lives, crossing those t’s and dotting those i’s when it comes to negotiations, contracts, and even relationships. Stability and security are important to us now, especially after last week’s dizzying New Moon that had us cleaning out our closets, making way for new seeds to be planted.

This week will be a prime example of a balancing act as we work out the kinks from our emotions and desires (thanks to Venus in Scorpio) and Mercury moves into Libra on September 21st (where it will stay until October 9th). Now is a good time to practice diplomacy and tact. Our negotiating skills, as well as our relationships, will benefit from fairness rather than fierceness.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in your weekly horoscope.


This is the last week of your birthday month, Virgo, so live it up. Harness all this amazing mojo as you begin to plot out the next 12 months. What do you want this year to look like? Most importantly, what do you want it to feel like? Start big, and then go bigger.


You might feel like you’re going through a bit of a spiritual crisis, Libra. Maybe it’s because your birthday is around the corner. But you’re asking yourself: What do you believe in? Where do you find your faith when the going gets tough? It’s deep stuff, but it’s worth digging into.


You’re still dealing with the aftermath of a life-changing event, Scorpio. Maybe you’ve left a major relationship or started a new career. Whatever this new transition was, it’s important not to rush its unfolding. Healing is non-linear, and looks and feels different to everyone.


You’re mixing business with pleasure this week, Sag. If single, it’s likely that the career connections you’ve made this month could result in a new romance, which might give you pause. Is it worth it? If attached, watch that focus on your career doesn’t add tension to your relationship.


You’re recovering from a lot of changes to your home life and career, Capricorn. Things might have moved so fast that you barely had a moment to breathe and take it in. Consider this your week to do just that. Refusing to could jeopardize your equilibrium.


You’re intent on bringing balance into your life more than ever, Aquarius. You realize that you’ve been living a life of extremes—which you’re wont to do—and you no longer want to choose career over friends, or vice versa. This will be your Everest.


Feeling overwhelmed lately, Pisces? Now is your week is chill out. But rather than hang out on the couch, take a look at the lessons you’ve learned over the last few weeks. Whether you’ve noticed it or not, you’ve grown a lot. Appreciate you.


You’re working on bettering yourself, Aries. This could mean working on the external, like adopting a new fitness routine and returning to smoothies in the morning, but could also mean an internal cleanse. Opting for peaceful thoughts might be a game-changer.


Career is your focus this week, Taurus. However, you’re now viewing your career in a new way: rather than as a chore, you want it to be your passion. This might mean exploring other options in your company, developing a side hustle, or outright quitting.


Your life has been feeling out of control, Gemini, which is giving you some serious emotional strife. Rather than forcing things to work, especially in your career, try allowing things to unfold. When the sun enters Libra, you’ll start to feel more balanced.


You’re feeling more confident with your money, Cancer. This is the perfect time to ask for that raise, hire a financial advisor, or dabble with investing. Don’t be scared to let that confidence spill over to your personal life, either. After all, money is said to be connected to sexual energy.


What makes you feel comfortable and secure, Leo? That’s a good question to ask as you ponder your financial future and career trajectory. That might mean creating a five-year plan, spending more time on your side hustle, or deciding to work from home.

This week is setting us up for future successes, bbs. What will help us most is if we seek balance within our lives, making time for fun as well as work, while also remaining true to our visions.

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