weekly horoscope
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Good news! After six weeks of riding the emotional roller coaster that is Venus retrograde, the love planet goes direct again on November 16th. While we might feel the after-effects of our love life still being poked and prodded (literally for some) for the next few days, we should encounter smooth sailing ahead when it comes to matters of the heart for the remainder of the year.

But wait. Before you throw that ticker-tape parade, we have an old friend visiting us once again. No sooner does Venus go direct than Mercury returns to retrograde on the very same day. Ruh-roh. Of course, by now we know the small planet that rules communication and technology can wreak havoc when it comes to everything from text messages to major purchases to transportation. But, again, we’re reminded that the experience of retrogrades is not to drive us bananas (even though they may) but instead to help us to tune into the themes and lessons that keep coming up for us so that we can make better choices.

Here’s what the stars have in store for your weekly horoscope.


You are a healer, Scorpio. While most times you can get lost down the rabbit hole of your mind and soul, this week you’re needed in the here and now, especially when it comes to helping loved ones. You are wise beyond belief. Don’t be shy with sharing your sage advice.


It might feel like you’re trudging uphill this week, Sagittarius. You are keen to move on and move forward, but the emotional baggage of the past keeps pulling you back. Cutting cords is necessary to make a clean slate. Don’t deny yourself the power that a good cleansing can bring.


You’re feeling more at home with yourself and with life than you have in a while, Capricorn. When you get cozy, your tendency is to jazz things up a bit. Your need for change is commendable, but the cosmos want you to hunker down and stay awhile. Put up your feet. You’ve earned this.


You’re desiring some serious alone time, Aquarius. You’re feeling cautious and hesitant; as if the proverbial shoe might drop. If feelings of anxiety crop up this week, the best remedy is to take action. Even taking baby steps toward what soothes and empowers you is more than enough.


You’re ready to move forward, Pisces. You’re dreaming of an escape, whether it’s a change or literal move. Whatever it is, you’re done with the past and your old life. You’re all about the new. Keep dreaming those dreams, but plan accordingly. All good things come to those who wait.


Your natural instinct, Aries, is to zoom ahead with a relationship or a project, or with anything in life really. However, you’re being urged to tread with caution. Make sure you look both ways before crossing the street, so to speak. Get all your ducks in a row and get all the facts before you take action.


It’s so easy for you to keep your head down, Taurus, and fall back into your default mode. Change takes courage and feeling uncomfortable, all of which you dread. But you’re also conjuring images of far-off places and new experiences. Get out of your head, and start making those dreams a reality.


You’re feeling very sure of yourself lately, Gemini. While no one would ever doubt your cleverness, you’re being asked to show some humility this week, especially when it comes to sharing the spotlight with a loved one or co-worker. Two heads are better than one, and teamwork never hurt anyone.


You’re feeling like a plastic bag this week, Cancer. Drifting thought the wind and wanting to start again. But you’re scared of the unknown and anything tampering with your security. Change is a-coming, though, and that’s a good thing. Start small and take breaths, but, please start.


Leo, it’s time to say goodbye to someone or a way of being that you’ve been clinging onto for too long. Our patterns make us feel safe, and might even make us feel good about ourselves, but if we find ourselves seeking validation from our routines, then we’re only playing small. And you are meant for big.


You are easily distracted with work this week, Virgo, as well as anything else you happen to be fixated on at the moment. It’s easy for you to keep your head down and focus on the day-to-day, but the cosmos want you to look up and notice the opportunities around you. Because there are many.


It’s time stop pleasing others, Libra, or putting on a brave face to make other people comfortable. If you feel disappointed with something or someone, say so. Intimate and real conversation is the only way we’re able to get our needs met so that we make better choices it. Express yo’self.

We’re reminded this week that life’s rejections are the Universe’s blessings, bbs. Let’s choose to see things working out for us rather than against us, and we will see our world expand in new and beautiful ways.