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Oy. As we recover from last week’s intense Blood Moon/lunar eclipse emotional upheaval, we head into August, which is also a force to be reckoned with. During the first week of August, Mars and Uranus will form a tense aspect in the sky that can trigger aggression, careless actions, and feelings that leave us shook. But before we start cowering indoors waiting for summer to be over (and who wants to do that?), it’s important to remember that we are undergoing critical transformations that aren’t supposed to feel good. We have to feel it to heal it. Here’s what else the stars have in store for you.

With all the planetary shifts going on (to paraphrase Chandler Bing, “Can there be anymore retrogrades happening right now?”) we are being called to look at our past and find out how we want to recreate our future. If we want change, we must become the change. Change is difficult and it can hurt, and, man, can it suck, but it’s the only way we can do and live better — for ourselves and the planet.

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It’s your birthday, Lioness, but it might feel like the heaviest birthday yet. You’re at a crucial juncture in your life and you have the chance to totally rewrite your story. What do you want your next chapter to be about? You have an awesome imagination, so dream bigger than ever.


Do you, Virgo. It’s time. You’re a diligent worker and dedicated friend — sometimes a little too diligent and dedicated. Now is your moment to break out of a rut and embrace all the awesome traits you possess while taking advantage of new opportunities. Don’t hold back — you deserve it.


You’re crystal clear on your relationships, Libra, meaning you know what you want and what you don’t want, and this is an empowering feeling. Lead with this newfound clarity as you embark on both new romances and friendships. And don’t be afraid to say, “Thanks, but I’m good.”


You’ve been in a major phase of healing and regeneration, Scorpio. It’s been both chaotic and cathartic. The good news? There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The bad news? There is still more processing to come. Remember: emotions are just indicators of what’s working and what’s not. Go toward the light.


You have a lot of tiny things to tidy up, Sag, which is driving you nuts. You have big plans (as usual) and you’d rather be plotting your next adventure. However, these details are important to setting up the long game. Without them, you’d be jumping into something far riskier. Take your time.


You’ve got a laundry list of work this week, Cappy. Normally you’d be all over it, but you’re in the mood for some summer fun (and there’s a certain new crush in your life, too). But this isn’t just any ordinary work. This is change-your-life-work. It’ll be worth it. So keep your head down, and enjoy the fun next week.


You’re feeling rebellious, Aquarius, which isn’t super out of character for you. But you’re almost channeling an “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” vibe. Anger is good sometimes. It’s the channel that leads to passion and action. Just be careful not to burn any bridges, though.


You’re second-guessing lots of decisions in your life, Pisces. These decisions could be ones that you were so sure about just a month ago, but now? Well, you’re not certain about anything. Don’t let this confusion startle you. Instead, see this as an opportunity for clarity. Meditate and journal to help.


Time to start new, Aries. At least that’s your mindset right now. You’re ready for new adventures, new opportunities, and new people. While starting fresh is liberating, be careful that you’re not running away from old patterns, relationships, and beliefs instead of healing them.


You finally know what you want, Taurus. This is huge! Usually you hedge your bets and rely on the familiar, but now you are not only clear but energized about what the future holds. Though you are excited about your new vision, patience is still required to clean up loose ends. Hang in there.


You’ve been digging deep, Gemini, which is something you hate. But you’re on the threshold of finding necessary treasures and answers in both your psyche and the psyche of your nearest and dearest, including a partner. You prefer to skip over the serious stuff, however this is when you get to the light again. Trust.


Emotional security and stability are key for you, Cancer. So it’s no surprise that you are constantly trying to find who and what brings you the most safety, especially now more than ever. The ironic thing? Getting out of your comfort zone will bring you the sense of home you crave.

Well, bbs, as this week’s emotional highs and lows prove we really are in the dog days of summer. Stay grounded, do the necessary work (both literal and emotional), and try to find fun as much as possible. It’s summer, after all.