Julia Topaz
Updated Feb 24, 2020 @ 9:55 am
Weekly horoscope for February 23rd until February 29th
Credit: Westend61/Getty

Dream on, because we’re in Pisces season, and this weekly horoscope is all about exploring ideas, creativity, and fantasies. Also, ’tis the season to take time to focus on activities that promote flow and relaxation. We’re feeling the Water sign spirit as Mercury is retrograde in this sign while the New Moon in Pisces has just kicked in, offering sweet confusion and delightful bliss. Fortunately, things haven’t gone completely haywire—we do have more grounded elements at play, such as Mars in Capricorn, which is why we can roam in dreamland in all safety. Time to make like a Pisces, and embrace your intuition.

Let’s check out how the New Moon will affect each zodiac sign, and all the dreamy surprises Pisces season has in store for you this week. Don’t forget to look into your rising sign—this can offer you some additional insights.


Let down your guard and defenses this week, Aries. You’re feeling the dreamy vibes of Pisces particularly strongly this season so take this as a time of blissful rest. If you’re looking for some quality R and R, now is the time to explore the options that make the most sense for you. Don’t be afraid to get distracted—allow for fantasies and sweet escapes to occur. This is exactly what the doctor ordered.


Now would be a great time to escape on a trip—of the mind or of the body, depending on your budget and availability. This is a time during which you are asked to relax and explore possibilities when it comes to career, relationships, particular projects you’re working on, or major investments you’re thinking of making, like a house. Which path will you choose? There are several options for you. Mercury turns direct on March 9th, so don’t make any decisions until then.


This could be a period of internal chaos for you, so do be advised that it is best to avoid impulsive and destructive decisions so that the chaos remains contained to your inner life only. Our advice for you this week is to stay at home, think before you speak, don’t trust your daring thoughts, and avoid conflict as much as possible.


Abracadabra, Cancer! This week you have magic in your fingertips, and you’re pretty much on track to manifest all of your desires. Now would be a good time to read a book about the power of belief and the power of intentions. But if you’re not the bookworm type, then your best advice is just to go for it. You got this!


Leo, you had a few rough weeks, but now is the time you’re regaining a sense of clarity and logic over your life. You were stirred up quite heavily by emotions and affairs of the heart, but focus on regaining a sense of objectivity and a take-charge attitude. You could be in the midst of reorganizing your professional life or working at getting new habits in place. Trust yourself—you know more than you think you do.


Time to hit pause, Virgo. Mercury is retrograde in your relationship axis and you could find yourself needing to take a break to figure yourself out and what you desire. You could have a tendency to sacrifice yourself or your needs in relationships, and now is a good time to consider whether or not you’re sacrificing too much, to the right people. Don’t get attached to your thoughts or circumstances—right now is a time of observing, without taking any actions.


Keep things to yourself, Libra! You could have had things to celebrate, or you could have made some decisions or achieved significant milestones, but for some reason, you’re either compelled to keep things private or advised to act as such. Now is not a time to brag and tell your business to other people. You know what they say: To live happy, live hidden.


Overall, this week will be a good week for you, but perhaps a little surprising. You are reconnecting with your heart and your desires, and you could finally be pulling the plug on decisions, which you have been trying to make for quite some time. It seems like you have to choose between A or B, though both options seem disappointing and scary. But this week, you’ll discover that options C and D were waiting for you all along!


This is a week of transition for you, going from point A to point B, whether these points are actual locations or symbolic places in your head. You could be transitioning from the past, having to leave some things behind. For you this week, there is a strong activity both on the intellectual and heart plane, and you could be feeling particularly introverted. The only thing you have to remember is this is a week of transition. Regardless of what you decide to do or what the circumstances are, you’re likely to feel weighed down.


This week you’re going to feel compelled to find a sense of balance, seeking the sweet spot right in the middle. Overall your outlook is to be humble, healing, compromising, and tolerating. If you have a tendency to overwork yourself, this week is about putting your foot on the pedal.


You’re having a spooky week, Aquarius! You’re all about being alone, keeping things to yourself, remaining in the shadows, and exploring your intuition. This week is about spending some time on your own and exploring everything invisible—thoughts, emotions, vibes, and dreams. You’re feeling compelled to go beyond surface-level this week, so have fun diving in!


You could be feeling a little dissatisfied this week, and you can’t pinpoint where this fleeting sense of blah is coming from. As Mercury is transiting your house of subconscious affairs, it’s best to pay attention to what you’re feeling but also not place too much meaning on it. You’ll get plenty of meaning later on, but right now is more so a time of journaling, talking to a trusted confidant or professional, and accepting that this feeling of unhappiness is fleeting.

Mercury in retrograde might be screwing with everyone this week, but use the Pisces vibes to take things slow, and think before you act.