It's forcing you to make major changes when it comes to commitments.

Lisa Stardust
Aug 30, 2020 @ 7:30 am
weekly horoscope august 30th,
Credit: Masego Morulane, Getty Images

This weekly horoscope brings you a rare opportunity to mend and heal the past—but only if you want to. You'll be cosmically tasked to evolve and move towards the truest version of yourself.

Mercury, which is in Virgo, shares a fraught connection with elusive Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces, on the 30th. Communication will be confusing, leading to intense emotions later in the day. The planet of love and money, Venus, which is in Cancer, opposes transformative Pluto, which is retrograde in Capricorn, on August 30th. This energy will bring power struggles out into the open, a sentiment that will be a conversation starter on September 1st when Mercury and Pluto retrograde.

The corn full moon in Pisces, which occurs on September 2nd, will heighten your emotions. The Virgo sun and Uranus, which is retrograde in Taurus, allow you to see things from a different lens. You'll feel the extremities of these emotions on September 2nd, when Venus and Saturn, which is retrograde in Capricorn, oppose each other. This will make you become extra sensitive, as you are feeling as though others aren’t giving you enough TLC. The karmic lesson is to give yourself more love than ever before and not expect it from other people.

Mercury connects with Saturn retrograde and the Nodes of Destiny on September 3rd, pushing you to make major choices around commitments. Venus and Mars, which is in Aries, square off on September 4th, moments before Mercury and Venus link up. Passions will level up, but only if you're ready to put these impulses into reality and take action around love. Then, finally, Mercury enters Libra on September 5th, bringing balance and decisiveness to your thoughts and words.  


With Labor Day weekend coming up, it’s important for you to use those work-free days to disconnect from the world, perhaps by relaxing at the beach. Zone out and chill stress-free during the last days of summer. After all, you’ve earned it with all of your hard work.


Invest your energies in bossing up your life this week. Stay clear of other people’s dramas and troubles to ensure you can focus your energies fully on yourself. This will help you attain all of your goals that have been put on the back burner over the past few weeks.  


It’s important for you to adhere to the boundaries of your S.O., even if you don’t necessarily want to play by their rules. If you don’t respect their limits, you’ll wind up feeling bluer then if you do. Respecting their boundaries will elevate your relationship to the next level.  


Poor bb! You are feeling a little ignored and unseen by your peers this week. But don’t despair and get lost in your emotions. Even if your phone isn’t ringing, you can still keep busy. Use the downtime to finish old projects and start up new creative endeavors.  


There is a jealous vibe brewing amongst your coworkers, but you can help everyone come together and make amends. By uniting your colleagues, you’ll be able to help them rise above office politics and become friends. With your guidance, everyone will get along by the end of the week.  


Resist the urge to impulse shop this week. Although it may be hard to stop the desire to spend, put your credit card down. Instead of buying items you don’t need, save up for something that is essential and necessary, or try to save your pennies for a rainy day.  


You have the itch to move out of your current dwelling. However, your bank account won’t permit the change of home at the moment. Instead of looking for a new place, try sprucing up your home with some new decor. Think adding cool throw pillows, curtains, and elements of feng shui to your space. 


Your head wants to leave a particular romantic situation that isn’t working for you, but your heart wants to stay. Before you make any moves, try to talk things out with your partner. You may be able to resolve the matter before having to cut the cord or break up.  


A promotion may come your way; however, it doesn’t feel like the right path for you to take. You don’t have to make decisions about the future of your career right now—even though you think you have to. Take your time before making any decisions.  


The only way to grow is to let go of people and situations that no longer serve you. Before you make any decisions as to who or what you want to keep in your life, lean into your heart and emotions. Let your feelings guide you to make such choices.  


Personal insecurities are currently holding you back from achieving your relationship goals. Therefore, it’s important for you to release the past in an effort to heal your heart. Once you mend former scars, you will be able to move forward in any aspect of your life without hesitation or fear.  


It’s hard to understand your own feelings when you are dealing with a ton of external pressures. It will take effort to learn to decipher your sentiments from what others are projecting onto you in order to gain personal clarity, but it’s doable if you give yourself space to feel.