It will allow you to see the truth and make your next move.

Lisa Stardust
Aug 02, 2020 @ 7:30 am
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This weekly horoscope is your time to take your power back and take a chance on yourself. The Leo sun squares off with rebellious Uranus, which is in Taurus, on August 2nd, giving you the chance to embrace your unique visions and dreams.

August 3rd brings the Sturgeon full moon in Aquarius, allowing you to see the truth and decipher your next moves. Mercury, which is in Cancer, opposes Saturn, which is retrograde in Capricorn, on August 3rd. Mercury enters Leo on August 4th, which will infuse words with passion. Mars, which is in Aries, connects with Jupiter, which is retrograde in Capricorn, on August 4th, giving more power and tenacity to issues.

The good news is that Venus links up with the North Node of Destiny on August 5th, which will add inspiration and confidence to your life. Venus enters Cancer on August 7th, adding sentimentality to your heart.  

Here's your weekly horoscope. Remember to read your rising sign, too.


Home is where your heart is this week, even though work is blowing up your inbox and filling up your Slack account. It’s essential for you to create balance between your personal and professional life at the moment to ensure that you can find solace in the moments in between.  


You’re not great with boundaries, although you are often creating them within your relationships. This week is your chance to step up the structure you have created with others and implement limits with how you relate to them. Then, you will be able to adhere to the limits you want.  


It’s a good week to ask for a raise at work and get your finances in order. Even if your job can not afford it, they will compensate you in other ways, like a social media shout-out or a compliment. Either way, you’ll be feeling yourself as a result.  


It’s time for you to speak from the heart. This means having honest conversations with those you care about. Be sure to choose compassionate words when expressing yourself to ensure that you are able to be heard. Your squad will also know that it comes from a place of love.  


PSA: There may be some drama happening in your friendship circle this week. Tensions are high, and others are projecting their jealousies onto you. Fortunately for you, there’s a high probability that you will make up with your crew. Clearing the air will allow everyone to make amends and apologize.  


Changes are happening at work this week, which will help to elevate your status. You will be able to brag to your friends about how you are able to navigate through the different direction your career is taking now. They’ll totally support the new ventures you are pursuing at work.  


Make sure you have your notebook handy this week to jot down inspiring information that you come across in your daily life. All of your scribbles will help you create an amazing project down the road. You may even use these ideas earlier than expected to create your own exciting ventures.  


There are always three sides to every story: two people’s interpretations of the matter and the truth. Keep this in mind when you’re dragged into an argument by two friends. Let them know that you don’t want to get in between their drama. They can figure it out without you interfering.  


As much as you try, you can’t help others who don’t want your assistance. Even if you engulf them with love and are supportive, you have to give them the space to figure out their own solutions. You can’t fix people—it’s their job to work on themselves.  


Love is in the air this week, making you want to connect with a potential partner who is at your level. This time around, don’t settle for less than your fabulousness. Look for a romance with someone who performs at a high vibration like yourself to ensure happiness in the relationship.  


Everyone needs a little break from their mundane world now and again. This week is the ideal time to give yourself an emotional and mental break from the stresses that are going on in your life at the moment. This will help your chances to relax your mind and anxieties.  


It’s time for you to move forward with visions that you want to add to your life. You will be able to make your dreams into reality, which will help you get to the next step in your professional and personal life. Take action and move towards your innermost goals.