Action is required to make your dreams a reality.

Lisa Stardust
Aug 16, 2020 @ 7:03 am
weekly horoscope august 16th, weekly astrology
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This weekly horoscope is the most inspiring you've had in a long time. It’ll give you the opportunity to take action around your passions and what you love. The Leo sun gently connects with Mars, which is in Aries, on August 16th.

The following day, Mercury, which is in Leo, gets an inspiring push from Mars as the sun and Mercury connect. This fabulous fiery energy leads you into the Leo new moon (AKA the Black Moon) on August 18th. You'll have the chance to inspire your own self with your dreams—especially on August 19th, when the sun and the Nodes of Destiny add a dose of magic to your visions.

Then on August 22nd, the sun enters Virgo, allowing you the chance to do the work that's needed to create your desires in real life.  

Here's your weekly horoscope. Remember to read your rising sign, too.


You’re taking advantage of the fiery action that's happening this week by allowing yourself to dream big. For the first time in a very long time, you’re finally able to take matters into your own hands and use your passions to propel you forward into your newly found visions. Move towards greatness this week. 


Exciting work projects are coming to fruition, boosting your creative mindset. You’ll be able to use your artistry to manifest your visions into reality now. The only setback is that you may second-guess yourself. Don’t let fear or low confidence hold you back. Stand strong and in your power.  


No one knows better than you that words can hurt. But, they can also heal, too. While there’s a lot of drama in your orbit right now, you’re trying to mend fences with those you care about in an effort to take back the mean things you all said to each other.  


You tend to hold your aloof friends on a pedestal and not appreciate those who have been there for you throughout the years. It is finally time that you started appreciating your ride-or-die besties, instead of taking them for granted to ensure their unwavering loyalty to you always.  


One thing is certain: You’ve changed. And, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, your friends and family are taking notice of your personal evolution and finding it hard to relate to you. Don’t feel bad for your growth and evolution. They will catch up with you when their ready.  


Keep an open mind when it comes to the future of your career. The direction in which you were headed in is changing, giving you different opportunities. Don’t shut the door on them before finding out more. You’ll want to transform your career and incorporate these ideas into your work.  


Your current reality is making you check your ideals and forcing you to see matters clearly. You’re also doubting long-term friendships that have lost their luster, due to a lot of unsavory realizations about them. Odds are, you’ve outgrown some of them or are ready to evolve and deepen your relationships.  


Your love life is in need of maintenance. Don’t be upset or scared about your current romantic circumstances. We all need a little tune-up now and again. All you need is a little one-on-one time with your S.O. to reignite the flame—think romantic candlelit dinner for two.  


You are setting boundaries with others, which is causing a lot of tensions to rise within your relationships. Since you’ve never implemented the healthy limits you badly crave before, your friends are confused by your behavior. Don’t focus on their reactions, only give light and energy to what makes you happy,  


The truth is uncomfortable at times, but needed. The caveat to being honest 24/7 is that you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or create drama with your squad. However, you have to keep it real with your friends all the time in order to build trust with them.  


Love is on your mind, making your heart soar and take flight. While you are only focusing on romance at the moment, it can cause a threat to keeping up with mundane activities and chores. Don’t live with your head in the clouds, come back to earth for a bit. 


Learning to be honest with yourself is extremely important. It will allow you to decide what you want and need from others. Then, you can focus on what you can give as well. Take a fresh look at your personal relationships to gain clarity or have truthful conversations about them.