Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, April 12th to April 18th: Expect drama to unfold

Theatrics, tantrums, and meltdowns consume 98% of this week’s cosmic energy. After all, emotions are high right now and you’re unable to act out your passions as you’re indoors, self-quarantining.

It’s only natural that you’d feel like a caged bird, instead of being free and able to spread your wings and fly. Because the stars are bringing extra frustrations to you, it’s important to have patience before you put your foot in your mouth and say something you may regret.

Mercury (which is in Aries), squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on the 12th. Communication will be unclear and over the top—but that won’t stop you from popping back at others. In fact, it will exacerbate the matter.

Two days later, the impulsive Aries sun and evocative Pluto (which is in Capricorn) square off, bringing power struggles to the surface. The next day, on the 15th, the Sun and Jupiter (which is in Capricorn) take the drama to the next level. Fortunately, the stars will give you a few days to simmer down your emotions and chill.

The 18th will give you time to kiss and make up—or at least send an apologetic text (because of social distancing)—when Mercury gets a breeze of calm vibes from Venus (which is in Gemini) and Mars (which is in Aquarius). The drama will come to an end (fingers crossed) at the end of the week, which will force you to rethink partnerships and the direction of your life.   

Here’s your weekly horoscope. Also, make sure to check your rising sign.


You’re being emotionally tested this week by your crush. They are being too passive and not assertive enough for your liking, making you feel as though you’re doing all the work in the relationship. Word of advice: Try a more hands-off approach to get the results you want.  


PSA: You may feel like your besties are gossiping behind your back this week, when in fact they aren’t. The reason is that your emotions and intuition are heightened—but off-kilter. Meditate on why you’re feeling paranoid before confronting others to find out the truth.  


Setting boundaries with your crew is essential right now, as they have been pushing the limits of your relationship to the max. Make sure that you follow through on your own rules (because you often forget to) before giving in to their whims to avoid emotional meltdowns of your own.  


The time has finally come for you to assert your views to your boss. Instead of using salty words to express yourself, try using flowery and sugary sentiments instead to ensure that they listen to you. After all, you attract more bees with honey.  


Taking the high road certainly is hard, especially when you know that you’re 100% right about a specific situation. Rather than argue your point ad nauseam, do your “hair toss, check your nails” before sending a mean text. You do not have to have the last word to win.  


You’ve become the black sheep of your crew because you’re not focused on the superficial convos they have. Rather than running away from discussing your feels with your friends, have an honest chat about your emotions. They’ll reopen their arms to you in no time and apologize for their behavior.  


Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Think carefully before you take a leap of faith, as you’ll find that you don’t really want a relationship or situation you thought you wanted. Before you make a decision you could regret, keep in mind that the grass is always greener on the other side.  


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get away and chill on a sunny beach? With the right imagination, you can. Plan a staycation in your house with scenic images on your computer and tropical music playing in the background. Escape from the mundane and chillax on your couch.  


Looking to impress that special someone? Fortunately for you, you’re both housebound (which is great because your bank account is dwindling), so you can make some DIY tokens of love to show you care or give your sweetie a FaceTime serenade. They’ll totally adore and cherish the gift you made.  


Your work life is as complicated as ever, which is why you’ll find refuge at home. Snuggle up with your boo and disconnect from your work email to forget about your professional worries. We have faith that you can resist the urge to work all night.  


This week you’re experiencing frustrations with your team at work, which may push you to pop off at your colleagues during a Zoom meeting with your superiors. Before you snap back at their shenanigans, take a deep breath in and out to relax. Hopefully, you’ll remain calm as a result.   


This week, you’re finally understanding what it means to be extra. You’ll go full force in proving your point to your peers, which will cause the sparks to fly. Try to keep the theatrics and drama low-key before your business becomes the talk of the town.  

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