Kit Steinkellner
August 01, 2014 2:29 pm

So many things happened in feminism this week (so many things happen in feminism EVERY week, because we are the luckiest and live in the 21st century where awesome things like penicillin and the Internet and feminism exist). Below a rundown of this week’s big news.

#WomenAgainstFeminism Is Now A Big Deal Tumblr

Women hold up signs explaining why they don’t need feminism. Signs that say anything from “I don’t need feminism because my BOYFRIEND treats me right” to “I don’t need feminism because I like masculine men like Christian Grey.” The Facebook page currently boasts 16,000 likes. Not even going to joke, not even going to snark, not even going to comment, just going to let these 16,000-something women speak for themselves.

“Confused Cats Against Feminism” Pops Up As Parody Response To #WomenAgainstFeminism

David Futrelle, the author of We Hunted The Mammoth, a blog that cheekily exposes misogyny on the internet, parodies #womenagainstfeminism with his Tumblr “Confused Cats Against Feminism” in which cats pose with text that explains why they don’t need feminism, and by doing so, reveal that they don’t understand what feminism is at all. Examples include “I don’t need feminism because if my owner stops trying to look good for men I can’t steal and eat all her hair ties” and “I don’t need feminism because what I need is to bite you.”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s New Essay “We Should All Be Feminists” Is Awesome

She won the National Book Critic Circle Award, is a MacArthur Genius Grant winner, and Lupita Nyong’o is starring in the adaptation of her novel Americanah, so of course her essay was always going to be the awesomest. $0.99 from Vintage Books.

Wheaton College’s Feminist Christian Cabinet: A Feminist Group On One Of The Most Evangelical College Campuses In The Nation

These ladies are rockstar free thinkers, and just a really cool organization run by really cool ladies.

“Maced By A Feminist:” The Retro, Weird Misogyny of Ariel Pink

Because sometimes a rockstar’s caveman grasp of feminism is stranger than fiction.